• Peanuts should be banned.

    As someone who has a peanut allergy, I 100% agree that peanuts should be banned. Schools now just have a table for kids with a peanut allergy but that isn't okay. I was seperated from my friends and had to sit alone at the peanut allergy table everyday. I would get teased all the time for it. It isn't right and it isn't the child's fault that they have the allergy. There are millions of different foods out there without peanut. Banning peanuts from schools is a very little ask in my opinion and it should be done.

  • Peanuts Need To Go

    Peanuts are a dangerous allergen, And need to be limited. Schools aren't doing enough by just restricting where people with allergies sit, Because they are just punishing those kids. My solution is either outright banning peanuts or making one designated peanut table for the kids who bring peanuts to sit at

  • Peanuts are a potential health hazard to kids who have peanut allergies

    Why do schools have earthquake drills? Why do schools have lockdown drills? Why can't kids bring knives to school? Knives could harm other students. Peanuts could also harm other students. Earthquake and lockdown drills help keep kids safe during an earthquake/when a school shooter comes. Schools banning peanuts help keep the kids who have peanut allergies safe.

  • They should be allowed

    They are a tasty snack
    they are a healthy snack full of protein and people are trying to be healthier these days
    they occur in many foods so banning them would be a hassle for parents
    lots of people love them including teachers
    they are nutritious and contain lots of potassium and other minerals and vitamins

  • Where will it end?

    Some people are allergic to milk and eggs and nuts and even wheat and soy. I do not want to be reduced to eating some bland food goo. And there is a danger of eating to many vegan meals.
    You could become intolerant to cellulose. I actually expect to see more cases of that because of irresponsible vegans that do not consult with certified nutritionist.

    Kids learn to live with allergies, Buts its always these crazy Karens that want to remove all allergens from earth.

  • Peanuts should be Allowed

    Peanuts should be allowed in schools even though it may cause allergy. In order to trigger the allergy and get a serious symptoms, Is by eating a peanut in most cases, And the only way for that to happened is the person to be irresponsible and eat or touch a product containing peanuts. Peanuts are very nutritious and have vitamin B3, B1, B6, B2, B9 and E. They also have iron, Potassium, Magnesium and zinc. If peanuts be ban, The kids may miss a very healthy snack during the day.

  • It's not fair

    Kids who aren't allergic to peanuts should be allowed to have them. Some kids absolutely love peanuts. Also, Kids who are allergic to peanuts can have a peanut free table. That way, They can be separated from peanuts and have no problem with the peanuts, As they will be separated.

  • It's too restrictive

    Peanuts are found in many tasty foods. To ban them restricts a large part of a child's diet. They also have a health benefit. For those believing they should be banned, Most cases of peanut allergies require the victim to consume or maybe make contact with a peanut. They obviously will not do these things if they have any awareness at all. For those who cannot be in the presence of peanuts, They should have their own separate table, And these cases are very rare.

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