Should People be forced to have sex at the age of 13?

  • Brtuh what if like I aint gettin no puss puss ya feel

    So like tbh, Real honesty my niggas I wass out wit the homeboys crip walkin down the street ya feel, And my crush walk down the street. So my homie spots her and is all like ayo cuz aint that the girl you tryna get at. And i was like yeah man, Bt she aint givin up that coochie. So i was like damn i really be feelin for all these simp niggas out here. So then i go onto a nice guys forum, And see that they are talking about state mandated coochie, And I was like yeah I dig it.

  • I don't know

    I don't no man it seems pretty compeling to me. Like waht if one dode likes a girl and she like no homo man miss me with that gay shoot nigga. If they were forced to have secks then they better do it and decrease the population bruh just think bro.

  • Not only that, Sex under 13 should be illegal.

    Sex is a very important thing of one's life and its main point is basically to have children. If you want overpopulation and carelessness, Then go ahead, Go against the law banging across your head. Also, Why would we be FORCED to have sex? You know that there are monks that are much higher than material reproduction, Right?

  • Sounds like pedos

    Only a very small number of 13 year old are not virgins.
    And that is usually because some priest or uncle, Or some bad papa.
    Very few people would agree to do something extreme and its usually perverted people.
    So do yourself a favor go discuss this policy with your local police department and do not forget to give evidence to them.

  • What goes through your mind?

    There are these things called Virginity Pledges, Also known as Purity Pledges in the States, Made solely to prevent this from happening. They're generally ineffective, But they're the best thing people can do to prevent sex from happening before marriage. That doesn't mean you should be getting married at the age of 13, Unless the country you live in is not the States and you have a low life expectancy. With the assumption that you're NOT some kid hiding their age behind the internet, No one should be forced into having sex at any given age. No one should have sex with anyone aside from their husband or wife. And not until after their wedding. Not when their engaged. Not when they're just boyfriend and girlfriend. It's ethically frowned upon (since I have a sneaking suspicion that you're a horny 13 year old, "ethics" means "morals") I think that "forced to" is "get to" in your mind, So I have to cover both. Sex should never be forced, And the more you have it, The more likely you receive a sexually transmitted disease, If you're a girl. If I AM right about my suspicions, Consider the likelihood and wait until you're married. In the meantime, Push that dream aside and get your school work and homework done.

  • Are you freaking CRAZY? ! ?

    Sex should never be forced. It should be a choice. And the minimum age of consent should definitely be 16 at the very least. You should be old enough to be aware of the ramefications of sex. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend at a younger age is harmless, As long as you don't "do" anything.

  • No one should be forced to have sex

    I have no idea what kind of gross person would write this but gross. People shouldn't rape people/ forced to have sex ever but definety not kids. Rape is a horrible thing that should have never existed but some sick person invented it. Tape has horrible effects on the minds of kids

  • What the heck? !

    This shouldn't even be a question! This is disgusting and questionable. People have the right to choose when that happens for themselves! Nobody should ever be forced to do such things. I am so angry right now, I can't believe there are people like this in the world. My gosh.

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I've Walking in the footsteps of society's lies; I don't like what I see no more. Sometimes I wish that I was blind. Sometimes I wait forever to stand out in the rain, So no one sees me cryin'; trying to wash away the pain

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