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Should people be put in jail for drug addiction or should we treat drug addiction like any other illness and offer treatment


    Ok so i feel like maybe we should do both. For saving their lives i totally agree with treating them. In the same time they have still comitted an illegal thing so they have to be punished for it and the best solution is the prison. First treatement and then prison. . . Idk. Anyways good question

  • Yes means treat drug addiction like treatment.

    I firmly believe we should treat drug addiction like any other illness and offer treatment to drug abusers, Dealers & anyway involved in way of life assuming these are violence causing drugs, So no marijuana or similar stuff. That would be my way to go in regards to this topic & I hope I agree with me.

  • Jail is for violent and serious crime

    I saw a drug addict on the street getting arrested probably for stealing. My brother who went to jail felt sadness. He knew what jail was like and told me how jail hurts young men. My brother volunteers and helps drug addicts avoid jail. It does not often work but he is trying his best.
    Seriously normies have no idea how jail is and never have to worry about it. Even if they are lower middle class they have no idea of the struggle or why people choose to use drugs.
    And they can afford to send people to rehab.

  • I think people should be sent for treatment because then they might have a chance to reduce their use of drugs

    I think people should be sent for treatment because they might have a chance to reduce their use of drugs and the police won't have to pay that much money to add one extra person for a few weeks or even months. It's just not worth spending money to put somebody in jail when you know they're still gonna do drugs no matter how much punishment you give them. So the best opinion is to send them for treatment cause this might reduce the drug usage in people's lives.

  • Put in jail

    They should be put in jail. That way they cannot get on hold of drugs. Unless the guards are corrupt criminals, Which in many cases is the case ( at least in the US ). Then they should be put in solitary confinement for 5 years, Until they have no addiction no more and then put free. This goes for any drug addictions. Sugar, Alcohol, TV, Video-games, Etc. And since officers are pretty dumb and evil, I say we should let the drug addict be arrested by their own family and put into this place. Then released after a couple of years. They'll have to study medicine during this time. Using internet connection and they will have abstinense and suicide attemps much be prevented. The jail cell shall be 1000 sqf and have a forest in it. So they can enjoy and relax nature. And they should eat only healthy foods, To prevent anxiety or depression.

  • I'm giving a qualified "no".

    Treatment frequently fails and can't be the only option. The relapse rate for addictive disorders is 40 to 60% (according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse), Some provision must be made for those that fail to overcome their addiction. One purpose of prison is simply to warehouse individuals that are a danger to society. If treatment fails for any reason and an individual commits another offense due to his or her substance abuse, Prison becomes the better option for society.

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