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  • No I wouldn’t buy them but if you’re bored I guess read them.

    You can read them but most of them are just strange photos added on a shelf so you’ll read it I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to know what the people but I’d look at their Facebook Instagram Tweeter YouTube or any other form of news to find out what’s happening.
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  • I don't care.

    The reality is, It's none of our business what famous people do in their personal lives. People often confuse the person they portray as the person they actually are. If you like an actor, Musician, Or athlete, By all means, Enjoy their work (watch their shows, Movies, Videos, Or sports events). That is what fans do. What I don't think they should do is dive into their personal life even if they volunteer the information. This has become more an more an issue as many celebrities have used the popularity to push various agendas.
    How many remember the death of Princess Diana? What I found ridiculous is the outrage of people in the U. S. Toward the paparazzi who were suspected to be involved. Not that I am in any way glad she die or that I support people who harass celebrities but how the hypocrites who are outraged about it are the same ones who got to know her (Diana) from the very same type of magazines.

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