Should people get electric cars over gas cars? Why? What are the benifits?

  • People should buy Electric cars

    Electric cars have quite a number of benefits.
    1. They are quite economical since they do not consume petroleum products that are highly priced.
    2. These cars do not pollute the environment unlike other cars that emit exhaust gases.
    3. Electric cars are very fast and can be fun to drive

  • Yes they should

    People should get electric cars over gas powered cars because electric cars are more friendly for the environment and of course we need to save the environment and of course we need to save our Mother Earth from dying ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok good bye

  • Electric cars don't pollute the earth as much as gas cars.

    Yes. People should get electric cars over gas cars because electric cars don't pollute the environment as much. Electric cars may pollute the environment every once in a while but no it doesn't do as much damage as gas cars. I don't acctually want to a fifty word support of the argument so i am just writting enough words.

  • Not until they're more affordable and actually pollute less than cars running on gas

    Electric cars are charged using charging stations that are powered by. . . . . COAL! In addition, Those giant batteries that store the electric charge are. . . . NOT BIODEGRADABLE! The reality is that electric cars check the boxes for those screaming at all of us about climate change while not having any reversing impact on the environment. It's not a good trade right now. Maybe when our electrical power is fueled by nuclear or wind/solar, This could be the start of a reduction.

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