Should people start pooping in the forest and not in toilets

  • Yes, We 100% should poop in forests!

    First off, People did it for hundreds of years before toilets, So it's not a radical idea. Secondly, It would be incredibly environmentally beneficial, Because we would be providing fertilizer for trees, Fighting climate change while doing something that everyone has always done. . . POOP! I'm not saying that everyone needs to just go take a dump in whatever forest they please, But rather, We need to have designated "pooping forests" where people can come together and go to nature when they feel the call of nature.

  • Pooping in Forests Serves Tremendous Economic Value to the Average Pooper.

    Toilets are expensive. Toilet paper is expensive. Bathrooms are expensive. Anything that has to do with a toilet is expensive. Humans were made to use nature’s toilet; the Earth. Just dig a hole to poop into, And then use tree bark as toilet paper. It’s free, Clean, And the feces serves as admirable plant fertilizer.

  • No that's stupid honestly.

    You have back problems, Who would want to walk outside and dig a hole? Its a blizzard and you have to go out and dig a hole and use bark as toilet paper? Why would you want to do that? What if its raining and the bark is wet. You really want to put wet wood up your butt?

  • We need the poop

    You can make fertilizers you can even dry it and bake it and make odorless solid burning fuel.

    Pooping in the Forrest is a very BAD idea. You destroy plants and parks in order to alleviate this create trails for people. That way people do not trample the Forrest. Human poop is bad for the animals and can contaminate the streams and mess with the flora.

    Even people who work with Nature and do documentaries and scientific work all poop in a bucket and take their poop with them, Because they do not want to mess up the environment.

    There are others ways to help the forest but pooping in them is dumb and dangerous. Do you want to make and e coli outbreak happen?

  • No no no

    Why why why would you do that. That is just gross. Toilets were created for a reason you know. Just ugh. People should be going forward in the world, Not backward. Again why would you do that? That is so stupid. We have worked so hard to go forward in life so why go backward now. WHY?

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