• I say yes

    Because there are to many deaths between the age of 16-18 because of a car crash. Every year there is around 2826 death think of how many that will be in the next 8 years those numbers be sky rocket. That is my argument for this topic. Bye every body

  • Yes they should drive.

    First many people have experience when there young because they are interested in how they control the car. Also many kids are aware of whats going on. But it does depend on who is earning it. If they are young enough they won't be able to raise enough money to buy even a thousand dollar car. So far it will be a yes. And if they are older they get more stupid but if you wait it won't help because they still have influence from friends. And friends dare you to do stupid stuff but when they are younger it won't have a bad effect because young friends don't reinforce the dare. Also when they are older they actually reinforce the dare and if they chicken out they would lose friends. Also when they are younger they have more control over there kid. Because My dad grew up in Idaho and you get your licence earlier but he never had an accident. And when you look at older kids they have more accidents. When you wait till your older they would be under influence at a time that they receive licence. Also When they are younger they would have more experience driving a car. This states my opinion of driving.( don't crush someones dream of driving.)

  • Because what if you are in high school you want to drive but you don't have a drivers license.

    What if you say you have a car to your friends but you really don't then they are going to say can you pick us up for school tomorrow then your friends are going to be mad at you because you lied to them then they are not going to be your friends with you any more.

  • They will feel themselves independent.

    I think it will be good for them to be allowed to drive. It is really necessary for them. They go to college and need their parents to take them to college. If they are allowed to drive they do not need for some one to get them to school and bring them back. They also can help their parents.

  • Yes they Should be allowed

    Just as many deaths are caused by the elderly than as the youth! And normally the crashes caused by the youth are because of inexperience but that is going to happen at any age! So no matter what age they start there will be crashes at 16 or 26years old!

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  • Yes they should be allowed

    There are tons of reasons why.... 1. Some 17 year olds have a job 2. Sometimes both parents are working and they need someone to take there child to school 3. And there will be millions of teens that need to learn how to drive, and they don't want to live by themselves and have no idea what each peddle does or what the buttons in the car do.

  • Yes, but with limitations.

    People under 18 should be allowed to drive but not with a full license. People under 18 are still sure they are not mortal and can not hurt anyone and will not feel awful forever if they do. So they should have limits on when they can drive and who they can drive with.

  • Under 18 Driving Okay

    As long as state law allows for it, minors should absolutely drive. A person can usually get their license at the age of 16 years-old, which has been proven to be the optimal driving age. With that in mind, there's no reason the limit should be raised to 18 years-old because it puts an undue burden upon pepole that need to drive.

  • Against teen driving

    I think 18 is old enough,but not less than that.However all that said,in my area under age drinking and driving is a huge problem.
    I suggest lowering the drinking age to 18,but raising the driving age to 25.
    That way if they want to get hammered let them take the bus.

  • NO 16 only

    Most experienced teens at the age of 16, should be able to drive because they are very good. Also their drivers ed. Coach wouldn't give him a permit if they couldn't drive. So no they shouldn't raise the legal age. Teens are very mature and experienced by their parents,friends,and family.

  • People under 18 should not drive.

    The driving age is too low and it should be raised. Young drivers are know to be more dangerous because they are immature and they are more likely to take risks. It is necessary to raise the driving age to 18, the age of majority, in order to make our roads safer.

  • No, people under 18 shouldn't drive.

    No, people under 18 shouldn't drive. Statistics have shown that teen drivers are more likely to be involved in auto crashes and that auto crashes is the leading killer of teens. People under 18 don't pay attention to the road enough and are often listening to loud music or texting while driving which causes accidents.

  • No. It shouldn't!

    Others think that it should be increased, such as grown adults who have no children. They probably think that the teens driving should not be on the road. They may think that they are the main cause of an accident but that’s not always the case. We children want licenses.

  • No, I believe in raising the driving age.

    Teens are the most dangerous drivers on the road, and texting has made their driving even more of a problem. Raising the age limit for getting a driver's license would mean, statistically, that there would be less accidents on the road. While some people may argue that 18 is too old, historically this was used as a minimum driving age.

  • No not at all!

    They would increase the no of accidents. . They are busy in their phone. . . They would try to show off by their new cars. . . Their friends would also force them to show some stunts from your new car. . . They would also celebrate in the happiness of getting a new car which would include alcohol and chances are they would drink and drive. . . . !

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  • No for men

    Something like 80% of all road accidents are caused by 17-25 year old men, Pretty much everbody in that age bracket is immature and reckless without a care of the consequences. I would say that it should be 17 for girls and 21 for men - and that's not out of any sort of feminism, Just hard statistics

  • Conscious to health

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