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Should permanent banning from games and websites get stopped?

Asked by: Nicole789
  • People change overtime

    Just because someone was hacking or misbehaving in a game does not mean they will do that their whole lives. People change and they begin to understand what's correct and what's not. Banning from games or websites should be just treated as warnings, But not removing an user's access to the website or game. You should not remove one's right to have fun with gaming just because of one mistake they made. If the bad behaviors are repeating themselves then the maximum time of banning should be 1 year. That is enough for a player to learn. The exceptions could be when somebody makes multiaccounts to cheat, But then the multiaccounts can get deleted and the main accounts should be kept in the game.

  • Games' punishments for misbehaving takes nothing into account

    That player could have been the victim of a hacker attack. The player could be too young to understand the rules. Whatever they did could have been an accident.

    Many sites do not know the difference between misbehaving, Trolling and a bit of harmless fun.

    Misbehaving is actually breaking the rules of the game (e. G. Hacking). These should be punished appropriatly. If it was to do with chat, Temporarely ban chatting. If they were hacking or something else very serious, A temporary ban should happen. Perhaps a day or two for a first offence and a year at most if it is repeating.

    Trolling is being a nuisance to others by making them annoyed or impatient. In Minecraft, For example, This could be spawning Endermen outside somebody's house and waiting for them to unstack it, Or use ONE Creeper. Multiple creepers, Lava and other devastating situations are more serious.

    Bantering is harmless teasing between mates and shouldn't be taken seriously(e. G. Teasing about each other's guns in Fortnite when they are both OK with it).

  • It's an entertainment

    It is scientifically proved that gaming helps to enhance concentration that doesn't mean to keep playing. It is part of entertainment though there are other options for that, Just based on personal choice, After a hard day what you will prefer to do? . To relaxing it is good to involve in some activity rather than just sleeping, So, What is wrong with the gaming.
    There are a number of websites, Where you will find games and entertainment options at free of cost and which are unauthorized that should be banned permanently. Authorized sites don't have any bad intention they are only for people to relaxing.

  • They earned it.

    If someone breaks the rules of the game and gets to the point of having to be banned permanently, Then they deserve it. Most games and sites give you warnings and up to 3 strikes before a permanent ban. Meaning, If you reach that point, You've obviously kept making the same mistakes and not learned from the temporary bans. I'm sure people can change, But if they were banned permanently, Then they obviously don't intend to, Nor have they made any attempts to.

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