• What about the support animals? ! ?

    Apartment complexes mainly don't want animals in the apartments because they can cause some property damage. Now that I can see as a problem. Everyone seems to forget there are emotional support animals though. Support animals should be allowed everywhere. ANY animal that doesn't pose as threat should be allowed. Just place a sign on the door to tell people what type of animal is in the room, So people with specific animal allergies are aware, Prior to entry.

  • Yes but there should be places where they are not allowed.

    A lot of people love pets and do not mind them. Then there are weird people who hate them or are afraid of them and do not want to live with any animal. They should have the right to ban pets are there apartments.
    This system already exist. You just have to select if you want it pet friendly or not.
    Just do not live in HOA those are filled with the worst people and are bitter to to bone there. Pet or no pet just avoid HOA

  • Yes but with exceptions.

    The answer should be yes, However there are some reasons that the answer might be no:
    1) Occupant is allergic
    2) Pet is loud
    3) Landlord says no for any reason
    Basically as long as the pet is quiet and nobody in the building is allergic to it and the landlord gives you the thumbs up, Keep it! My friend who likes in an apartment has a turtle. So just be aware.

  • There is more to this than just "allowing"

    Firstly animals are creatures of the wild. They need open space to roam run roll and live their life carefree. Confining them in closed spaces hampers their growth. I am stating this keeping in mind common pets like dogs cats birds etc. . Who make noise and move around often and not pets like turtles tortoise or fish who generally are preferred indoors. Keeping them inside an apartment with limited open space is totally against their very existence.
    Secondly, Apartments are spaces where neighbors live at an arms distance and not everyone is ok with your dog barking his head off everytime your door bell rings. Some are even allergic to dog cat hair, So i do agree that they should not be allowed inside an apartment.

  • There is a reason that that rule was made

    That is a rule because it puts other people's health at risk! Some people could be severely allergic to pet hair, And feathers. Some people could have a phobia of animals, And they can be disturbing, Too. You could be trying to watch a football game, But you can't hear the T. V because some dog is barking loudly. Or a cat and a dog are in a fight, Or even if a bird is flying around, Squawking at everyone. Pets can be annoying. And those are some reasons why pets shouldn't be allowed in apartments.

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