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Should primary school students wear school uniform?

  • All schools should have uniforms

    If every school had uniforms bullying would decrease Jurassic. Kids would learn to follow rules be on time, And know how to dress. If you've seen degrassi you know that they wore uniforms for 2 years as punishment and the results were astonishing. Kids should wear uniforms at school everyday.

  • Yes, They should

    Because when schools give freedom to students they tend to take advantage of that and wear things unnecessary to school, Such as spaghetti strap tank tops and to short of shorts, And yes even though some students want their freedom of being able to wear the clothing they want, But some kids would rather be able to not have to worry about going to school everyday and being judged of not having the most expensive peice of clothing or shoes.

  • Clothing snsetivities can be problematic

    Some children are allergic or hate certain fabric, Yeah the school could just get a special order for the student but that would take time and unnecessary money. If sensitive students brought their own clothes these could be overcome but. . . They would be more likely bullied because of their different rule set. If students brought their own clothes parents/ guardians wouldn’t have to spend a 100 dollars on uniforms.

  • No school uniforms plz

    Some people might not like the thought of wearing the same clothes as everyone. It doesn't help the person to show who they really are. Students might feel trapped from the dress code of tucking in their shirts and etc. Some people could just no like the thought of uniforms. They need the freedom to breathe in their own comfortable clothes as long as people follow the dress code.

  • Why should they?

    The two arguments for uniforms at the time of writing this are that they might wear spaghetti straps and short shorts and that they might be allergic to some types of fabric. To debunk the second argument, The students might be allergic to the UNIFORM fabric, And besides, The parents could just not buy fabric that their kids are allergic to, And for the first argument, There is NOTHING WRONG with some girls having tank tops that show their SHOULDERS. If you want to go, "Oh, The boys will be ALL OVER this (5-12 year old) child because x body part is showing" consider not choosing "shoulder" or "leg". There is nothing wrong with showing your shoulders or legs. And these are children. They aren't going to rape the girls. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

  • Primary Students Should Not Wear Uniforms

    Oddly enough, As a primary student, I sometimes hate the ability to wear your own clothes. You get judged, People bully you and let's be honest-some people just look like sluts. But it's better than wearing a uniform and not having the choice at all to express a bit of who you are.

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