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  • Yes it should

    If kids get an hour of recess there blood will be flowing and will waste there energy at recess instead of being crazy inside and teachers have more time to do what they want. Also kids get more time outdoors and get to have fun with there friends and get to learn how to play sports and that can help them get better.

  • Yes They Should

    `It should Be Because it gets kids blood flowing and they can get some angry thoughts outta there head. Yah so that's why kids should have a longer recess to provide the healthy body for people who need it. That's why so cya later homeys. Bye Now and DAB ON HATERS

  • No the shouldn't

    Its bad to have lots of recess because it can cause bullying and serious injuries because they can fell bad of them self and seem hopeless so its bad for kids to have extra recess and if they have extra recess lots of kids could feel bad about them self so stand up for bulling

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