• Very Reliable Vehicle

    They last forever. Very rugged. I'm driving a 2003 that I bought in 2015 and its still going strong. With current technology bells and whistles this car would do well. I see them all over the road every day. The ions the vue and the aura. There's a lot is Saturn fans out there.

  • Light weight, Wonderful, Unique, And right out awesome!

    When I was born all the way up to 2017, My dad had a 2004 Saturn VUE. That car was basically my childhood. On a car trip to Kansas with just my dad, You could fold the seat ALL THE WAY FORWARD TO MAKE A FLIPPING TABLE! I love the Ion Quad Coupe (Saturn) because, Like I said in the heading, These cars are unique! So any GM official who looks at this page, Please consider 95% say you should bring back this amazing Kentucky pride company.

  • I loved my Saturn

    I drive a 1993 SE until 2010. Gave it to my daughter who drove it until 2013. We sold it for $300. 00, To a guy who replaced a few parts. Last I heard it is still going. They were and still are excellent cars. The kind that takes a licking keep on ticking. Bring Back Saturn and put America back to work.

  • I drive one and it’s great

    These cars have some of the best gas mileage the automobile industry has ever seen, And they don’t rust. Mine is a 1997 Saturn SL1 and it still runs brand new. The new were Saturns were starting to get to be more like Chevrolet, But before we could really see, It was already gone. . .

  • Replace GMC, A redundant brand

    GMC is way too similar to Chevrolet. The cars look and feel too similar. GMC should be rebranded as Saturn, And the cars should be reinvented. These new cars should be innovative and modern. They should have an upscale feel, But also be priced fairly low, Similar to Buick.

    GM needs to introduce sleek, Modern cars that can compete with Kias, Toyotas, And Hyundais. The Blazer is definitely a step in the right direction.

  • We need Saturn

    We need an affordable reliable easy driving vehicle. With many different varieties in packaging from basic to luxury. They were spacious practical. They got great gas mileage. I owned two and loved both. They werent perfect but they were always there for us. Also the last editions came with some cool new ideas for its future.

  • Get rid of 1 truck division. . . Dodge knew it there is no more Fargo, Ford knew it, There is no more Mercury. GM doesn't seem to get it.

    Back when GM made the decision to cut Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and SAAB because they were going bankrupt, They didn't think about getting rid of 1 truck division WHY? . I will never buy another GM product again. I drive Saturn, To me it was never a GM product. . . IT IS A SATURN! I will keep my SATURN going for as long as i can.

  • Saturn cars are affordable

    GM cancelled Saturn too early.
    All it needed was to have updated designs and more modern features but, Keep the overall simplicity. Cheaper to insure too. If GM won't bring Saturn back, Then everyone needs to simply to never buy any GM vehicle ever again. No more GM Cars and Trucks.

  • People Love Saturns

    Theres an entire community of people currently talking about their great memories with saturns, Hell I've owned 2. The best cars I've ever owned, The 97 saturn s series got incredible mileage for its age of 17 years, Properly taken car of it probably would have lasted another 40 years. My 08 aura hasnt even given me one issue in the 10 years I've owned it, While my brothers 13 accord has had issues left and right

  • They should, To make cheap affordable and reliable cars

    They should be brought back to make cheap affordable reliable cars like they once used to. They had many great ideas that they put into action such as plastic bodies, No haggle prices, Etc. Yes, Of course they were crappy cars, But that's how they were meant to be. Bringing Saturn back could really help gm if they made a basic cheap little car like they used to with the s series

  • Saturn should not be brought back by GM.

    Saturn was not a popular brand, and that's why GM stopped making it. It's time for GM to think about the future rather than trying to bring back old, discontinued brands. They should make a fresh new image for themselves. Saturn was an outdated brand. GM can do a lot better with something new.

  • No, it is Time to Move On

    It is never good to desire what is already passed. Saturn brand was done away with for a reason. Rather than working on bringing back a brand they got rid of GM should be more focused on the future and creating a new better brand to take the place of Saturn.

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