Should school children be allowed to have girlfriends/boyfriends?

  • It's none of the school's business.

    How is restricting such a thing not against the law? Personally, I think intrusion on personal life should be illegal. No excuses. Hgrgh fhgbcb vbxcvjb xcjvbfjb gjb vbfjvb xdfj bvj sbvki dsbhn vfkj idfsb vudsb idas bfdid sbvf djusbv bvcdbv dfusbv judfs grfsdf fg dfg dfgfbg dvfcv dbmmn desgdf dh.

  • Yes school children can be allowed.

    So I think we should let school children be allowed to have girlfriends boyfriends cuz it's between consenting people of similar ages & they should be allowed to enter non sexual relationships if they're below legal age for sex in jurisdiction or state. That's how I feel about this to be honest to yall.

  • Yes they should

    All school children all around the world should be allowed to have girlfriends or boyfriends because why do you even care ok let all school children be allowed to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend ok and yes I think that school children should be allowed to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend bye

  • Why do u care

    Look here boys and girls, U are allowed, No one is allowed to limit u. If u're Mormon or whatever, U're not allowed to date till 16. Now, Respect that kinda stuff. IF U WANNA DATE, LOVE, MAYBE DO STUFF ON THE BED, NO ONE THERE IS GONNA LIMIT U.

  • Why do you care

    If a school doesn't allow kids to explore when will they be able to discover. Also schools have no business being in kids lifes, If its not effecting others why should it be worthy of there time. Also if its danger then take action but its nothing to worry about.

  • Free Will of individuals and clarification

    Now it may be prejudicial to have a boyfriend/ girlfriend in childhood as it is equally for adult men and women, However, We must understand that all beings have free will, Therefore, We should respect it. Interestingly the problem of this entire debate is because the terminology has not been defined. Some may consider a child to have 16 while others 5. To discuss whether they have the right to have sex GF/BF it would highly depend on several factors that are not demonstrated on the presented question. Is it asking if children can or not have BF/GF at all or only in specific locations such as school? Shouldn't people have the for themselves to determine if they can have such relationships?

  • Yes, This promotes social behavior

    Although having a girlfriend or boyfriend may distract kids from studys, It also can seriously improve their social life. According to PsychCentral, Having a girlfriend or boyfriend can decrease levels of stress. And, According to a paper by Walden University stress negatively affects students' test-taking skills. Therefore, By having a boyfriend/girlfriend, Thye get to do better at school in general.

  • No, This is a bad idea

    Because children need to focus on studies more than Having
    romantic partners. Children are children, And at such a tender age
    , They should be studying or playing outside rather than having
    Their partners kissing them. Children should build a relationship
    Only after school/passing school. That's my opinion, What's yours?

  • To invoke Kurosawa

    "Youth, In those {prewar} years, Consisted of suppressing the sound of one's own breathing. "

    I believe in beating children. I believe in shotgun weddings. I believe in indentured servitude, And I believe in suffering. Also, I'm very big on suicide. . . So. . . It isn't like one doesn't have options.

    This is Life upon Earth. It isn't happy, It isn't fun. There is no love, Only liars. Open your eyes, And die.

  • Children at school should not have relationships because. . .

    Relationships can get in the way, Cause stress, And overall get in the way now there may be a person you like but think about it, The choice of whether you get a boyfriend or girlfriend is most likely the choice of your parent. Now depending on the type of person your parent is they may be okay with you getting a partner. Most people say you should at least get a partner in high school but if you think about it kids can't deal with that much pressure.

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