Should school go from 8:30 to 2:00 with 160 school days?

  • In my opinion yes. . .

    School is already really stressful, With only 160 school days we can have more time outdoors and with friends instead of sitting in a classroom all day learning barely nothing. School should go from 8:30 to 2:00 so that kids have more time to spend with family and maybe have more time to do homework if they are willing to do so. It will also save more time as kids can have more time for resting and have more time to get ready.

  • Not enough time

    If you ever taken a summer class you would know that they have to cram everything in less time.
    You would have to learn geometry algebra faster and finish English papers and reports with even less time. That would make school even more stressful.
    So here is my idea have schools start at 9 and end around 2 or 3. And have more than 160 and a little less than the average school year.
    That way you have time to go over the material but you will not feel so caged in by school.
    And do not buy into the homeschooling weirdos They tell you successful stories but do not tell you about bitter people who wished who never home schooled. Or if you know you will not make it in college go find a job and start making money and try to save it.

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