• Males are physically superior to females.

    It is proven that boys are physically superior to girls, as result of testosterone-induced muscular hypertrophy. In other words, males develop a larger amount of muscle mass than girls, making them physically stronger. Boys and girls should not integrate in sports because, as stated above, boys are physically superior, thus having an advantage and being able to perform better than the girl.

  • Rules on certain amount of girls on the field can provide trouble

    IN our school you have to have 3 girls on the field at all times. The problem is we only have three girls. Not many girls in our school like to play sports and since we only have three girls those three have to stay on the field the entire game. One day we only had two girls and we had to forfeit.

  • The genders are not equal. They should have separate sports teams.

    The fastest time for men's 100 meter dash is 9,58 seconds the women's fastest time for the same event is almost a whole second slower. The fastest woman's time would barely qualify in the men's event. When I was in High school our fastest girl sprinter was only barely faster than our slowest boy sprinter. She wouldn't have even made the varsity team. If we didn't separate the genders many girls wouldn't even get an opportunity to play. At least not without affirmative action requiring a certain number of females and that would not be fair. Boys and girls in general do not have the same athletic ability.

  • Some problems from experience

    Those who have experience with mixed gender leagues know that:
    1. You never go 100% on a girl because you will hurt them and it is frowned upon anyway
    2. When a certain number of girls is required, It is always hard to find some as girls are less interested in physical sports (specially with males)
    Basically if you want to make it competitive, Play with people in your own sex

  • MAJORITY OF SPORTS ARE SPLIT FOR A REASON. FYI I am not a feminist (not radical for sure)

    American Football
    Soccer/ football

    These are just some examples where gender separation is necessary
    When two people barge into each other and are different sexes it can get awkward and one may be more hurt than the other
    and most importantly

    we know that sports is separated because
    a sport is much more promoted when the sexes are separate
    male soccer/ football is better when men play it because they are

    Because of this, When genders are separate in sports then the sexes feel empowered

  • Learn Basic Biology!

    Human biology is king when it comes to sports and it says that boys/men dominate. So if they were together it would actually create LESS women in sports because they simply wouldn't be able to keep up with the demands of the men.

    That is due to men having higher testosterone and NATURAL anaebolic steroid levels than women which makes them stronger, faster, more stamina and really just more all-round skilled. Denying it is denying basic biology and is obviously very stupid to say the least.

  • I want to make women irrelevant.

    Since women are physically inferior to men, I want them to compete in unisex tournaments. That way very few, if any, women will be good enough to be picked for the team. That way any exceptional women, that work hard to be the best that they can be, are ignored as simply being mediocre athletes. Please help us make women irrelevant, I can't stand them.

  • That's completely sexist!

    Boys and girls are equally good at sports. But to separate them at a young age will teach them that maybe boys are better then girls at soccer or vise versa. It was established a while ago that boys and girls are equal a while ago, so why to this day in 2018, why are we still separating girls from boys in sports?

  • And here's why.

    This debate needs to completely be settled. Let's not separate the two sexes. Let's have unisex soccer teams, and baseball teams. Oh let's have joint football teams! Then we'll see how the girls fare against the guys. If people are not willing to accept the fact that the sexes simply are not the same, let's let them compete together and let it all play out.

    People, please think rationally about what you fight for. The gender equality you aim for may not serve your best interests.

  • Yes e e

    Because boys are pysically stronger than girls due to tesosterone because of that we are stronger girls get estrogen which makes them phisically different than males also girls frames arent as big which means they can get broken more easy g g g g g g g g g g

  • Not in my experience.

    If I compare the strength of the males and females that I know, most of the time the females win, but I also have to give full discloser and say, that I was adopted into a foster home, that was 14 girls and 3 boys. (plus a foster-adopted mom and dad, - then stepmom-stepdad) For the most part when it came to the kids of the family many of us came from tough backgrounds. So growing up I saw that many of the older girls who had been though the worst of it, had to be tough. I saw them in fights and playing sports with the guys and being able to hold their own, and even win.----Later on I started to meet different people and began to see that those who weren't taught to be physically strong, generally weren't. An example is males generally are taught to be tough to in our society, with toys of superheroes, big predatory dinosaurs, and cars. Were as many girls get dolls, pretend cookware, those makeup kits that get everywhere.

    Another example of it being a societal thing, is that their have been entire societies where women have been the dominant group. Take Queen Nzinga. She lead and beat the Portuguese who was a major power at the time. She lead a mostly female army.

    So I believe that we are something in between the male dominated Chimp, and the female dominated Bonobos. Both share 98% of our DNA.

    The conclusion I have come to is that depending on what your circumstances you come from determines how hard you had to push yourself, and how strong you need to be, Not whether your male or female.

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nadia.saidso says2018-11-12T19:45:37.590
Table Tennis
This sport is perfectly fine for genders to play together.
Although women tend to be faster and men more powerful in this sport
although it is less common on tv to see men and women playing together

No contact with the other person but the ball instead
in this sport women can beat men and men can beat women

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