• School should begin later

    People would be able to get more sleep if school started later and kids would be happier as well as being less stressed out . It is also recommended by pediatricians everywhere. It would also be a better time for staff and students to come to school. Excellent idea! :)

  • Your brain starts properly working at 10:30 am

    Research shows that your brain properly starts working at 10:30 am. If it starts earlier it is unhealthy for the brain. Also kids need at least 9 hours of sleep if they don't get enough it is bad for the kids therefor school should start later unlike my school which starts @8 AM

  • Kids Need More Sleep

    Kids (especially those going into their teenage years) often sleep in. If school started at 10:00 am, it would well and truly give kids time to wake up properly and kick their brains into gear. Kids need more sleep because, well, anyway , who doesn't like sleep? I do! Haha

  • I'm tired in the morning

    If school started at ten I could sleep later. Right now I am tired and can't focus. Kids need more sleep. If kids got more sleep at night maybe the would have better grades at school. My school starts at 7:30 and I get up at 6:00. That is why school should start at 10:00.

  • It's unhealthy for kids to not get enough sleep

    School should start at 10 am! Kids need sleep and if they get more sleep they will be more alert and awake in class and more likely to get better grades. When kids get up so early they are less alert in class and are to tired in the morning.

  • How about noon?

    In fact I'd say we should start it at noon. Start it at noon and end it around 8. The school can provide lunch and dinner instead of breakfast and lunch.

    The teenagers can go home, relax, do some homework, watch tv, and then go to bed for the next day then.

  • Should school start at 10am?

    Yes its only fair! Our brains function after 10am! Also i am very tired in the morning! I hate school a lot. So it is only fair. My school starts at 7:00 am so i have to wake up at 6:45. Then our school ends at 3:30 pm. School is hard work! Arrrgggghhhh

  • Yes yes yes!!!

    Yes should have it so we can sleep a little longer, sometimes we are tired and need just a little bit more time. What if we had a lot of homework the last day (that happens to me a lot) and we needed to stay up late to finish it? We need to start school later. - POV of a student

  • Students need more sleep

    As the average teenager grows older they tend to develop nocturnal habits, Meaning staying up later and waking up later. The education system fights this by forcing rigorous school times as early as 7 am for some unlucky children. It would be much better for teenagers to wake up later and it even might yield improved grades and mental health.

  • This is better

    Children can benefit from an hour more sleep so they can concentrate better on their school work when they come to school later in the day. They would be under less stress in the morning and they can be and would be more organised in the morning then they can come to school happy and have a better day XXX.

  • G ng g


    Is homework just busy work? Is it something that the teacher gives you to keep you out of trouble after school? What is the reason behind having homework?


    Homework can be a beneficial tool to help a student apply certain concepts that they have learned. However, since they may not have someone sitting next to them or working through it to make sure that it is correct; they could just be practicing bad habits and learning how to do problems the wrong way. Perfect practice is the only way to ensure that students are learning the right concepts. If they are doing it wrong, then it isn’t helping and is actually making things worse. Parents today learned how to do many of these concepts so long ago that they may not be able to assist their children in their homework. That leaves the student to fend for himself.

    Students sit in school all day and barely get any exercise. When they get home, they have to sit some more and do their homework. By the time they are done, it is time to get ready for bed. Where is the time for activity? Where is the time for exercise? The fact is that there is no time. During the school week and sometimes on the weekends, the student is busy doing work and school and homework at home. They don’t have time to play sports and if they do then they are rushing through their homework anyways.

    It is another thing to grade and most of the time it doesn’t even show how well a student understands a concept. Homework can be an improper tool to test a student’s abilities. If you have your classmate do your homework for you, then it looks like you really understand topics that you don’t really understand. You can give your teacher the improper information. If you do the homework yourself and just rush through it, you can make careless mistakes and that will lead to incorrect information being given to your teacher as well.

    All and all, the whole constitution of homework needs to be revised. There is seriously got to be another way to help students understand the different topics. If the reasons behind homework are to give the kids some solid hands-on experience, then maybe they should just do this in class instead of sending it home for them to do all by themselves.


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    Take short breaks where you do something completely unrelated to your homework project. Watch some television or go online and surf to your favorite websites. Break the monotony of relentless study. Try some or all of these things and learn from it. The lesson being never put yourself in this situation again and start your homework project as soon as possible.

  • Work calls for earlier time shifts

    If you go to school at 10 AM, you are not going to use for works. You have to go to work at 8 AM, if you were used to go to school at 10 AM, you are going to feel uncomfortable for to go to work at early time. It will also make kids less developed by take over time for extra-curriculum homework's.

  • Just not a good plan.

    As "awesome" as school starting at 10 sounds its just not really that beneficial. You would loose 2 hours in the morning that you would have to make up for so you would be in school till 7pm, which would actually give you LESS time to do homework and less time to study, cause lets be realistic, how many kids are really going to wake up at 7am if they have school at 10 to do homework??? Also that means Lunches would have to be pushed back till 2 or 3 pm. That also means a lot of teachers would not leave till around 9/10 at night, or later, school sports would have to be pushed back as well.
    I think a better idea is to add an hour and 30 minutes to the school day so you can have an extra day off class and have a 3 day weekend.

  • There are more con than pro

    At that time parents are at work
    The school end later than the usual time.( average time students should be in school for is 7 hours).
    The only pro is that you have more time to sleep or do last minute homework.
    People are usually are use to the &:oo am time and if it was 10:00 they'll have to shift their schedule.

    But it all depends on the persons plan to really decide if school should start at 10 am

  • Work calls for earlier time shifts

    If you go to school at 10 AM, you are not going to use for works. You have to go to work at 8 AM, if you were used to go to school at 10 AM, you are going to feel uncomfortable for to go to work at early time. It will also make kids less developed by take over time for extra-curriculum homework's.

  • This is a bady ideaz cus ifz schools start laterz then it would endss laterz

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  • It would make school end at 5!

    If school started at 10 then it would end at 5, making kids stay up later doing homework and not have much time to do other after school activities. Staying up later will make kids sleep in. Sleeping in will become a habit that they might keep until adulthood and will be hard to break. This would make them late to work giving them a disadvantage in the real world.

  • Who you callin pinhead

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  • Will kids still go to sleep at the same time?

    I am a Junior and I know I wouldn't be going to sleep at the 10:00 pm I do now, if school didn't start until 10:00 am I would just stay up for another hour or two and not get any sleep, and I'm sure other would do the same. Just adding more hours to sleep doesn't mean we will utilize it. It is just a bad idea, it leaves us with less time to do Homework, and less time for our jobs.

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