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Should schools give us more months for summer break?

Asked by: ellie101
  • Yes they should

    Schools should give us more months for or of summer break because we students and kids are tired of school and we need more rest time for us ok and yes I think that all schools should give us more months for or summer break ok ok ok bye bye

  • 180 days is waayyyy too much school!

    These kids are stressed and exhausted. In a lot of states now 180 days is the required amount of school days. That equates to 8 weeks of summer vacation. Gone are the days of a 3 month summer for most kids in the U. S. They start school at the beginning of August here in Tennessee when it is 100 plus degrees out. Summer is still in full swing & yet kids can’t enjoy it. They go until the end of May, And from my experience working in the school system, That is too long. They have already covered everything by the first week of May & the rest of the month is spent reviewing or just doing busy work. It is pointless. I got 3 months of summer off when I was a kid & I turned out just fine. It did not keep me from going on to get higher degrees. Kids are only kids once. Let them enjoy their life while they can before adulthood & all that that entails comes about. I think it is sad that kids can’t have more carefree days of summer. 180 days is just ridiculous. 160 would be much more reasonable. My son is a great student & he dreads it so I can only imagine how the kids feel who struggle in school. Why give kids so much anxiety. They have their whole lives to feel tired, Anxious, Stressed & depressed.

  • No I think 3 is good

    Schools use as much time as they can get to teach you required knowledge to live in the real world. If you are just going to be lazy might as well just drop out. We go to school to learn not go to school and wait for it to be over

  • It will be a waste

    Most day activities for students in grade school, Middle school or high school are only active in school days. You wouldn't believe how much your time is precious even if I told you, But you have to do things, Be active, Learn new skills or improve existing ones, For you, First and foremost. For your family, For your friends, Be the initiators, Demand more things to do, Laziness in the attitude won't help anyone.

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