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  • Kids can't starve!

    We can't let the kids starve during school. If they get hungry, they need to eat something, and they can get it from vending machines! If they want sweets, let them get sweets. They will learn sooner or later that they are not good for you, but they are active enough to burn off the fats.

  • They can have healthy snacks!

    Vending machines can be used as a quick breakfast or recess snack for those who forgot. They can also help the school earn money for other things such as science lab, computer lab, and music. Vending machines offer a healthy, easy, and inexpensive snack for kids. Vending machines offer food for those who cant retrieve it at home.

  • Pretty Simple Solution

    The questions is "Should schools have vending machines?" It doesn't specify what type. People just assume they are soda and candy machines, but what if they are not? Then does that change your opinion, probably. People claim "No, cause it makes them gain weight and it's not healthy!" If you consult an actual nutritionist, then you would know that for the proper metabolism a child needs to eat at least 5 small portions of food a day. A healthy breakfast, light snack (granola bar), healthy lunch, light snack (fruit), healthy dinner, and light snack (your choice). So where will our children get a light snack between breakfast and lunch? Some will say send something with your kid, or be prepared. This day and age who are we kidding? No one is every fully prepared and things don't always work out. I say, if it's healthy vending machines then go for it!

  • Why Not?

    There is really no valid reason to take away vending machines from our schools. There is no reason a vending machine HAS to be filled with garbage they can just as easily be filled with fairly healthy choices like granola bars or 100 calorie packs or perhaps nuts and trail mixes. Just because it's a vending machine doesn't mean it has to be stuffed with candy and chips.

  • Vending machines ftw!!!!!

    Vending machines are great. They will give a child a food source to "power through the day." They don't nessecarilly have bad food all the time, either. A lot of snacks in vending machines are healthy, such as apples and grapes. Others have things such as trail mix that are good for children. It's a child's decision to eat junk or fruit anyway, so it is primarily a child's fault that this topic is even a thing.

  • Yes we should

    Vending machines are very important to high school kid who don't eat and need snacks during school and never have anything the want to eat school so they wont be hungry and they need the food they need for the day and don't have lunch money . Because you need the food you need
    by Kimberly Bearden

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  • What if were hungry

    Do it because student may not have food or may not eat they may have diseases and everyone needs snacks during there classes plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz do it kids need our help and some kids have disablities so help us now so are kids can be safe

  • Yes, Put Vending machines in schools!

    A study from the University of Illinois shows that kids with no vending machines in their schools are more likely to go out and get one themselves, But bigger. If you sell a can of Dr. Pepper in a vending machine, Then it's not much. Without a vending machine, Kids start going and getting a 2 liter or 16 oz bottle of it. Plus, If they got the choice, Schools could put healthy choices in theirs! If we can put healthy snacks in the machine and make a profit as well, Think of all the things we could do to make our schools even better!

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  • No - Kids Do Not Need High Calorie Snacks

    No, schools should not have vending machines. We need our schools to provide healthy meal choices for our children. The snacks in vending machines are usually high calorie and filled with fats and sugar. Schools provide well balanced hot lunches for about the same price as a bag of chips from a vending machine. Families cannot afford to have their children eating out of vending machines. Putting vending machines in school is putting temptation in school for our kids – a poor choice on our part as adults.

  • I vote no

    I vote no because it makes people fat and unhealthy. If they want to have a vending machine they better learn how to work out! Eat salads with your soda. You can have healthy snacks in the vending machines. Us fat people will be tempted to get junk food so why have them if you want us to be healthy?

  • It's not fair.

    It wouldn't be fair to have vending machines in school because the children that don't have money to get vending food would feel left out and if a friend gave them money for vending foods they might not have the money they need and go after the kid who he has given the money to, so I would say no even if it would increase their weight because they would be able to go to get food anytime they wanted and that's not good for their health even if it healthy food or not .

  • It's very unhealthy.

    Vending machines are for schools to make more money. Kids can bring their own healthy snacks instead of sugary, or high in calorie foods. If kids get hungry at school they should bring healthier snacks like granola bars. Schools should have hot lunches with a little bit of nutrition from each category.

  • Options aren't aways a good thing!

    When it comes to vending machines it can be a big debate. Children get hungry during the day, of course, but when a child has the option to go and buy whatever they can they buy the things with the most sugar. Pop machines in school too should be banned. I don't think that even if schools changed the products in the machines that it would change anything but what the children buy. They would then find the next sugar filled item they can!

  • To rasie money

    We don't take money every day to school the governor should not tell us what to eat and what not to eat and is not fair we should have a snack once in a while it will also save the school with one vending machine we collect money for text books

  • People should have the right to eat what they want.

    People should have the right to eat what they want. The government should not be able to control what is available at our schools because some people might not have access to that kind of food at home and rely on schools to get it from there. WE ARE UNITED!

  • We all love a good snack

    Kid don't have the will power to not get a snack all week. Many kids die of obeasity . Face it name your kid lied to you at least once in there life. They waste all there money they save allowance and spare change just to get a snack. Plus its to much money just for a tiny bag of skittles.

  • Kids may NOT get a good education

    Children could buy snacks before school and eat during class. Not paying attention to the teacher because they would be concentrating on trying not to be seen, they wouldn't learn anything at school. The point of school is to LEARN not EAT. Plus, it is unhealthy and they could get overweight.

  • Vending machines should not be in schools.

    It costs over $3,600 to put a vending machine in a school. If they sell junk food, it'll cause frustration for everyone. Also, an average soda can that you might buy at Safeway costs $1.50 at max. But an average soda can at a vending machine may be $2.75. So it's NOT a good idea to put vending machines in school.

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Anonymous says2013-03-07T19:15:32.460
I hope yes wins for VENDIE machines
Anonymous says2013-03-07T19:17:42.910
Vote yes for VENDIE machines because you don't know what is in it maybe healthier snacks like granola bars dried fruit water or maybe fresh fruit
Anonymous says2013-03-21T17:21:47.940
I think vending machines that are unhealthy are bad but ones can be good for you are great!
Anonymous says2013-03-26T17:02:17.730
as a fellow sudent it will help them fund raise and stay awake in school because of the sugar.
Anonymous says2013-04-16T19:36:58.270
I think it improves the choices made by young adults
thatgayguy says2013-05-23T18:33:06.490
I think that schools with vending machines tend to have more "awake" students. So instead of students sleeping, students will be awake and will be able to concentrate. Students just need a limited amount of snacks that can be taken each year. If they didn't, then yes, health concerns will come. With limited amounts taken per week, students won't have any of those health concerns. Yay!
Cupcutie245 says2014-06-12T16:23:58.910
School should have snack machines if middle schools can elementary can!!!
bintolove1 says2015-10-22T14:31:11.283
I think we should have vending machine always and 4 ever so do you get me
bintolove1 says2015-10-22T14:34:53.383
Yes yes yes we should have vending machines for ever
skylar.21 says2016-01-26T14:35:14.037
Of course
AntMAn445 says2017-06-07T21:05:18.997
AntMAn445 says2017-06-07T21:22:56.057
De r bd fr yr helth
AntMAn445 says2017-06-07T21:31:59.717
jacksonwest says2019-02-25T19:29:39.930
People need to fucking think about children

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