• Yes ban sex sex bad

    I hate sex cause it is evil and my dad always stab my mom and it look ba dso o don't like it its like a knfie in simeone murder themm like fortnite when u hit someone with a pickaxe but then u can't just dink slurp jice after and not die

  • Sex is toxic to the mind

    You might think I'm crazy until I tell you that everyone in our prisons has had sex before, This is proof that sex is corrupting to the mind. There are a lot of male virgins who are 18-25 outside of prison, There are almost no male virgins who are 18-25 in prison, Let that sink in.

  • Sex Is good

    Why sex should not be banned because some kids would want to have more sex ok and no I think that sex should stay and not be banned for good ok and no I think that sex should not be banned ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • Sex should absolutely not be banned

    Sex is an integral part of our lifestyle. We have sex to breed, To have children and to continue generations furthur down the line. Saying that sex corrupts the mind is (IMO) a bad way of describing our love for sex. We are practically built through evolution to want these intimate actions.

    Men want sex because of the feeling of it. While women receive those feelings too, They're sometimes more interested in the intimate relationships and connections behind it. If we all have a healthy sex life, It can provide us with lots of benefits like the instant pleasures, Stronger connection with your significant other (or others if you're into that kind of thing) or to just have children.

    While I can agree that a drive for sex can prove to be negative sometimes (rape, Sexual harrassment and abuse), It's mainly one's environment and upbringing that decides whether or not sex "corrupts" one's mind.

  • Sex is nice

    You can not ban sex, Because sex is very nice and its very good. I like good feeling in my dick yes. I don't go to prison because i don't sexual harrasment. Sex should NOT be banned, Never ever.

    I like sex and i want to do more sex so don't ban sex

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