Should Sex Education For Both Heterosexual and Homosexual People Be Taught in Schools?

Asked by: alcarean
  • Yes, But every student should have the same curriculum

    The advantages of addressing different sexual orientations in sex ed are clear, And they've already been stated by the other posters here. We could see better prevention of the spread of STDs, And less alienation of non-straight people on sex-ed classes.

    On the other hand, Splitting gay and straight people into different classes in high school would be extremely counterproductive because it forces people to choose an identity, Opening the door for ridicule and splitting the community. Therefore, Homosexual sex ed should only be implemented to the extent that it can be woven into the existing curricula.

  • If you don't want your kids to have AIDs, Then yes you need!

    Every kid, Sexuality doesn't matter, Should be taught how to safely have sex. They should be aware of the dangers and know about the diseases that can be spread by intercourse and yes for best education it does need to be taught in school, Especially around the age when they are hitting puberty.

  • Big agree; educate please

    In the world we live in now people should be educated in this subject, And well. There are too many people that get sexually transmitted illnesses; and worse people who still have sex knowing that they're transferring them to others without telling them.

    It can happen to any person regardless of sexual orientation. Except maybe asexual's, Who have an inherent lack of interest in sex.

    There is also a disparity of people who simply didn't have this many genders growing up in the past, And weren't educated on it as a result.

  • We Need To Know

    First, Sexual education should be taught for heterosexual people as to know how to prevent pregnancy, Disease, And ensure safety. Same with Homosexual sex, Minus the pregnancy. If people aren't aware, Then it is more likely to happen. If they were informed of possible dangers and precautions they could be taken.

  • This is not healthy.

    I suppose that "inclusive sex education" means educating children in homophilic sex? I do not think we should encourage people to become homophilics, It goes against human nature, And no I'm not saying that out of a religious "cuz gawd said soo" but because men and women are specifically designed to procreate via sex with the opposite sex, Not the same sex.

    I do however think that some sex education is necessary, Though perhaps a bit later than we do nowadays, To prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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