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  • Yes, Meat Tenderizer

    Shock collars are great because whenever the dog is shocked the dog will be tenderized, So when you cook the dog, The dog will be much more tender. Tender dog meat taste super good. The shock collar tenderizes the meat super well so when you cook it, It will be super tender.

    Posted by: p365
  • The Misconception About Shock Collars

    Shock collars, When used properly, Are nothing more than a training device. Similar to how a parent might slap a child’s hand, Or give a spanking. While shock collars shouldn’t be used alone (positive reinforcement is necessary for successful training), They aren’t harmful to the dog. The name “shock collar” is very misleading- as the shock is not as painful as that implies. Think of it like a discomfort- the shock is uncomfortable, And happens when the dog, Say, Barks. Thus, The dog learns not to bark, And the shock collar is no longer necessary. Shock collars are one of the most effective, Pain free ways of training a dog. The concept they are cruel and painful is a misconception.

  • Yes, But only for violent / vicious dogs, And only in extreme cases

    For some dogs this is the only way to stop them from attacking people. Most dogs are well-behaved and are able to understand human instructions, And are calm. However, Some dogs are very violent, And the only way they can be controlled is through shock collars. Yes, Shock collars can be cruel but this is why they should be only used on the dogs that are most fierce, When other methods have not worked. This is because a shock collar is an extreme option, But it is the only way that we can prevent savage dogs from attacking people after other options do not work.

  • Dogs deserve to be punished

    Bad dogs who can kill people needs to be deserved of pain an suffering and horribleness to say wow look at what you did a hole niger, Cu nt fag gogt bad buttcheak game of thrones spoling soccer skin fortnite who still cries that vine died and is a normie those people deserve Death

  • Dogs are not humans

    Even if dogs are trained, They sometimes don't understand humans. Also, There are some things that humans don't understand about dogs. For example, Barking dogs could be annoying, But humans don't understand why exactly dogs bark and the brain of dogs. Also, Dogs are living creatures and therefore, Humans should not force them to listen to their orders with shock collars as they are robots

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