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  • Gets you addicted

    No one likes to smoke its wrong and can give you lots of diseases including:lung disease, heart disease plus failure of both. It 's wrong to do it around children because the smoke can get to their lungs and may even kill them or at least give them a disease for a long time

  • Tons of toxins.

    Some of the wide range of carcinogens and toxins in these "harmless" bars of filth are, hmmm let's see. Arsenic, Tar, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, LEAD, and Methanol. I'm 11 years old and that alone is a solid reason why I'm not going to smoke for the rest of my life!

  • I think that smoking should be banned

    It is a bad idea to smoke. It will make you addicted. It also is linked to heart and lung failure. It also is linked to CPOD. Cigarettes are cruel and are out to kill you. If you have started, quit as fast as you can. Thank you for reading.

  • Health is the issue

    You are inhaling and exhaling thousands of chemicals a day if u smoke. If u smoking that's over 7,000 chemicals in 1 puff. Over 4000 chemicals are being released as you exhale the smoking. Plus it cause hair lose and cancer to your body. Iats causing teens to smoke more and more everyday

  • Smoking Will Ruin Your Life

    Smoking will give you many many diseases that kill you and smoking can kill your looks. If you are a model (You aren't) you WILL look like you are 76. You will look like a homeless person. Ask your self this and reply. "Why did I start smoking in the first place?"

  • Smoking should be outlawed.

    There are already plenty of people who legally cannot smoke. First of all, parents should be good role models, and smoking sets off a bad example. What would parents think if their child started smoking? Like they were responsible? Minor or not, they would feel guilty.
    Smoking should also be illegal because it is too selffish. What about the people around you? They could be negatively impacted by smokers around them! Plus, if exposed enough, they could die and the smokers could feel so bad and ashamed that they would WANT to go to jail, or even die! So smoking should be illegal.

  • Smoking SUCKS its dumb

    Smoking smells bad, taste bad, looks bad, and feels bad. Its expensive and very harmful. I will never understand why people smoke. All it brings is negativity. Smoking sucks and it should not be aloud. I wont even live with my mom because she smokes. I dont want to smell like that or die over something stupid like that.

  • Smoking is Ridiculous

    Smoking damages your lungs and can kill you . It can also make make you smell plus it cost over 1000 pounds a year. It is simply a stupid thing to do.Why waste so much money on something that will repel other people, make you far more unhealthy and possibly kill you.

  • I'm not a smoker but you make me one

    Smoking cigarettes should be banned Because I'm not a smoker but I'm smoking every time someone around me is, it's smell makes me sick.
    It's not far to me or the other that don't, if it doesn't it should at least have a law where you can't smoke in public places!

  • Should smoking cigarettes be banned?

    Yes cigarettes should be banned because it harms your lungs and many people die from smoking. Also when you smoke around other people you can harm their body as well as yours. If we had less smokers in the world we would have a better society and less people would die.These reasons about smoking should make cigarettes banned....

  • Smoking should be restricted but not banned

    It is ridiculous to think that every activity that might be harmful should or could be eliminated. Banning cigarettes would simply lead to a very lucrative black market. However, it perfectly reasonable for someone to not have to be forced to inhale someone else's smoke. Public restrictions are fine, but everyone should feel free to smoke in their own home.

  • Leave smokers alone!

    Yes smoking is bad for your health but so are so many other life choices. Smoking cigarettes does not alter your behaviour or thinking whatsoever unlike other over the counter drugs or illicit substances. The ordinary smoker knows exactly what they are doing and definitely pay the taxes to go with it. (Australia)

  • What will be next?

    If we ban cigarettes, Alcohol will be banned, Then soda, Then everything else. People should have the freedom to smoke, Because after all forbidding everything would be undemocratic. Moreover, If cigarettes are banned, It won't cause smoking to stop, It will just put lots of people in jail, And people will be tempted to do traffic.

  • It won't do any good

    Cigarettes being banned will not deter people from purchasing them elsewhere. In 1920, It was illegal to manufacture, Sell or transport alcohol, And only the people who already had liquor in their homes were able to consume it. This did not, However, Prevent people from illegally crafting and selling their own drinks to people.

    I think that even if cigarettes banned, People will find any way they can to purchase them illegally because they are addicted to them, And for some reason, They do not want to quit; they think it will be too difficult or that they'll miss the soothing feeling they get while smoking. A more effective way to stop people from smoking is through education. Our children need to be taught that smoking is terrible for their health, And if they don't care about their own health, They need to be told that it could harm other people too through second hand smoking. If people are brought up with the understanding that smoking could kill you and that there are much better ways to relieve anxieties, Then I think teenagers will be less likely to take up the bad habit.

  • No cigarettes should not be banned

    Smoking creates a chemical in your body that suppresses the urge to eat. In turn smoking reduces your chances of obesity therefore increasing your life span. So in conclusion I believe smoking cigars should not be banned in the United States of America because it prevents America's number on problem, obesity.

  • Ecigarettes help smokers get off regular cigarettes.

    Regular tobacco products give you tar and countless cancer causing chemicals. Vaping gives you vapor, nicotine and flavor. YES vapor is NOT smoke. Vaping can be a hobby too. Sure nicotine is addictive, but isn't caffeine?. Millions of people wake up every day to drink a cup of coffee but what people don't understand is that nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine in regular amounts.

  • Does it matter?

    Why do people care what others do with their bodies,smoking is a personal thing,yes it's a habit but owell..People know what the affects are and health issues are and they take the risk of it,you can't banned cigarettes because "you" don't like the smell of it,who cares what you think about it,let them smoke and be done with it.

  • No it shouldnt

    It is not that bad for you and it makes your knees better I read somewhere on the internet. My great uncles cousin said that smoking made him the man he was today. At least that is what I think he said in his letters from PRISON. Moral of the story, smoking does in fact make you cool.

  • No, it is just a bad habit.

    No, smoking cigarettes should not be banned, as long as I don't have to pay for other people's medical needs. If people want to do stupid things that will kill them, they should be allowed to. We can't all live in a rubber room away from everything that can possible cause us harm.

  • It's there choice

    It's the peoples choice if they want to smoke. If smoking was banned the economy would nose dive, and think of all the people that would be out of jobs. Yes cigarettes are bad for us, but it's part of our life now. So we need to live with it.

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