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Should someone be highly interested or concern with academics if they want a future in life?

Asked by: Luciano700
  • You don't just become successful out of nowhere.

    True, There's luck involved in everything, But if you can't even learn to read, Speak, Or write properly, How do you even become successful? Nowadays, A degree is more or less a necessity, And without it, You can forget about being in a cushy position.

    And yes, There will always be people like Eminem who find their way up from the bottom, But these people are an exception for the most part, And to say that academics do not concern those who want to be successful in life falsely implies that it's easy to survive in the outside world.

  • Yes you do

    I believe that even though you may not be going into an academic future you still should be concerned because you will still need the basic academic tools no matter what future you decide to stride towards as you will need basic English, Math so no matter what you choose to do with your life you will need the essential academics

  • School now has become just way too pushy and academic

    Amazing change that has happened from being in Elementary to now being in High School

    School used to actually be engaging and helpful

    But now school has become a bit too dull and un-useful

    First off look at all the SJW crap taking over

    2nd of all, Why are we now making kindergarteners and first grades engage in literacy instead of just useful activities?

    3rd, The technology is now killing the need for real learning

    So yeah

    And plus look at George Carlin, Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage. These people dropped out of high school and are making millions today, So yeah. What makes you think school is as neccesary as a shelter? Nothing, Is just the education system desperate to make profit

  • Many famous people

    Many famous people didn’t go to college and some didn’t even finish high school. And all you gotta do is to become a rapper or a singer, And you will make bands also it’s not hard to make music. There are many trash rappers making lots of money that didn’t go to college like lil pump, Eminem and more

  • Not highly concerned.

    To an extent they should be but only if the subject is what they are truly interested in and love. You should only be concerned with the basics which is really only taught in middle school. By the time you get into high school then you don't really learn anything else important for daily life.

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