• Yes so should Rian Johnson

    It is like some dark necromancer resurrected your favorite grandparent. You think it will be fun to see them alive but they are dark different and a shell of themselves. What do you do. You burn it and let them rest.
    Disney BOUGHT star wars TO MAKE MONEY. They do not care for elderly children or families they WANT MONEY.
    They threw out all of the existing comics and novels and erased the future of star wars to write their own future. Fair enough the extended universe stuff was contradictory let us see what they make 7-9 starwars into.

    It was trash. I could care less if the protagonist was female and her companion black. What got me angry was how they ignored the preexisting cannon and destroyed the past.
    They made rey and leia into overpowered Jedi masters even though non of them had training. Leia should have died in the vacuum of space instead of doing a superman resurrection. Rian johnson stole scenes from another movies. It was not homage it was plagiarism. Did the man even watch star wars? If tiny ships hyper jumping can do so much damage why then doesn't everyone do it. The rebels have the most idiotic leaders who let the rebels die. The movie could have been resolved in the first few minutes if capable people were in charge.
    His movies make no sense. Rose willing was okay that her sister died for the mission but when everyone's life was on the line she sabotages it for the name of a very forced loved. Rians want to "surprise" the viewer by doing gotcha! Luke is a crusty old man and is a shell of himself and then dies. Han died anticlimactically and Rey is too much of a Mary sue. Luke was person who struggled and was relatable. Not anymore. The only thing keeping it afloat is the impressice graphics to cover up the mess of the story. That is the fx team and not rian johnson.
    Who was Snoke? Where did he come from. How is he in charge? He was made out to be powerful but died like a wimp. Phasma a potential secondary villain dead. Who are these people? They die are never mentioned. I never want to see stars wars by rian johnson.
    If romero and juliet had romero die in the first act and juliet become gay and killed both houses the movie critiques would have a heart attack.
    But if rian jonson butchers star wars the high and mighty movie critiques call it the best thing since sliced bread. Anyone who critizes it is a rasist women hater anti progressive man. Look at how immature rian johnson is and how he insults even honest viewers who paid to see it.
    I am a liberal brown man and I hate the star wars. I am being told to shut up and enjoy this empty movie and buy porg toys and spend money on Disney.

  • Enough is enough

    It should be illegal to beat a dead horse, How about that? Thats what should be banned taking a good pure idea and ass raping it to death for money, Thats what i say needs to be banned, Stop raping star wars then, That what i mean, You see what i mean stop violating the sacred for gelt

  • Yes it should

    The Star Wars Nonology has made me cringe in my seat so many times, I had to run out of the movie theater. Anakin Skywalker, For example was such an emo it wasn't even funny. It made me cringe in my seat. That is not the Hayden Christensen I know and love.

  • f**k the star war haters!

    The ewoks are such a great film and has spawned so many different Star films. Only cinematic infants would not appreciate the various Star War episodes. Chewbacca starts as a wookie but grows to become larger the more creatures he eats. This is what makes Han Solo fight him in the ending. It's a tragic tale once again.

    In the end it's man vs star. This is why Star War needs to continue with or without George Lucas who is not as smart as he thinks he is.

  • Yes! For the love of god!

    Star Wars is some googas shit. We are getting this ancient googas shit thrown into our face repeatedly. We need to take a stand sooner than later before the trilogy has as many entries as Call of Duty. I only like the movie with the little bears in it, If I remember they were the terrorist in that Forrest. If they were in more of the movies maybe it would be okay, But instead we get Jar Jar Dink and light battles.

  • No reason to ban.

    It's not like it's harming anyone. Tho people are killed, You don't really have any blood and gore. There isn't even any foul language.
    I liked the original three. The three prequel were not as good but okay. The ones after were not that good but still good enough. Maybe it has had it's time and it should come to an end but that is up to the author and makers. As long as they can earn money, They will continue to do make them. If you don't like them, Don't buy a ticket or rent it but you can't ban it just because you didn't like it. If that was the case, They wouldn't have made Deadpool 2.

  • It doesn't matter if it's good or bad

    Whether the movies are good or bad, Whether someone likes or dislikes them, Neither of those things have anything to do with whether or not it should be banned. The content within these movies is not inappropriate for audiences, Does not break any laws, And does not reasonably encourage any unhealthy behavior. (And for Star Wars haters - let me remind you, "being a terrible set of movies" is not against the law).

  • Get Over Yourselves

    The Last Jedi was not a bad movie at all. It wasn't perfect, And there were flaws, But I think it more than earned it's right to exist in the Star Wars franchise. There's no reason to ban Star Wars simply because a new corporation owns it. Leave it alone. . .

  • It's a good thing.

    Like all big franchises, Star Wars has it's flaws. To outsiders, They may be afraid to jump into it because of the reactions to The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi. But people who reacted like that are only a small portion of the fan-base. Yes, We all have our onions about it, But we're not goanna shove it down your throat.
    It's also something for everyone. There are movies, TV shows, Comics, Novels, Books, LEGO series, Video games, And even you tube channels. Unless you really hate the concept of space-travel and a mythical "force" then you'd like this subject in one form or another.

    Plus, Star Wars is a reflection of our world. To me, It's similar because we are told the Jedi were the good guys. We were told the empire and separatists were the bad guys. But after looking into it, It's not so clear. The Jedi KIDNAPPED CHILDREN! I'm using the word kidnapping because some parents didn't give concept (mind tricks don't count).

    The universe just gets bigger and bigger as you go into it. That's not to say it's overwhelming, It really isn't. Just start with the main movies/episodes arranged by number, Then move into the side movies, The TV shows, And even comics and video games if you like that. If you just want to know the basics, Watch only the main movies (or a recap video online, No judgement here:)

    Star Wars is amazing and I encourage people to explore it. There's a good story, Themes, Reflection to our world, Action, And a little romance.

    P. S. Who shot first?

  • I don't know

    I don't know if it should be banned because personally I like it but I still want to know what other people think about the subject and to hear their opinion and to see how many people want it banned and how many people don't want star wars banned because of violence

  • That would violate every law and moral against Censorship.

    Saying that the new Star Wars should be banned simply because you view them as a violation of something you enjoy, Or because you personally dislike them is the definition of illegal censorship. Censoring any IP that isn't genuinely harmful to a population or person, Is fundamentally immoral, And violates every pillar modern governments and morality are based on. I could just as easily claim that every argument for the banning of new Star Wars is "hate speech" or some other violation of my freedoms, But that would be directly contradictory to Freedom of Speech and opinions.

  • Stupid dumb topic

    Some people need to get a life and a brain, Good lord this is a stupid topic to talk about. I want to know why somebody would make this topic I mean are you on drugs or maybe not enough sex, Get a life and a clue please I'm begging you now! .

  • No reason to ban it

    Although I am not a huge fan of the new films, I have really enjoyed the first six films (INCLUDING the prequels). I see no reason at all to ban this franchise as it does not show or promote anything bad. However I completely respect it if others disagree with this as this is really just a matter of opinion.

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