Should students be able to choose their own classes

  • The netherlands already has it for a long time.

    If you go to the 4th year of havo/vwo or gymnasium, You have to choose your classes, There are four main directions, N and t, N and g, E and m, C and m. The first two are in scientific direction, While the other two are in direction for society and economics. After that you have to choose some more classes, So you ave the right amount combined knowledge in the right direction for the study your are aiming for.

  • We should be able to pick what we want to do in life including class

    I shouldnt be taking an art class if im going to be a lawer it has no point to my job so i shoulnt be forced to do it how would you like it if you had to take a sowing class to be a judge why would i need to sow in the courtroom exactly

  • I absolutely agree with the following idea.

    In my opinion, I think that students have the ability to choose their own classes. If so, They can pay attention to their lessons and study well. In addition, They are not only interested in the subjects they select but also get good marks. Of course this will make their parents feel pleased.

  • Yes They Should

    They should because is the School Board going to their class? No so they should allow the student to choose not only because its their education but also because they know what they can handle. Does it sound right for a teacher to dictate what the student knows or not?

  • No they shouldn't be

    They shouldn't be allowed to do so as it has been like that for
    Years. Students, If not allowed to choose their classmates, Mingle better
    With other students. It also helps them to overcome shyness
    Anyway, They will not choose the people with whom they will
    Be working with
    BTW I meant classmates by classes in the topic

  • Its pretty stupid

    If the country's main/most used language is English, And you don't know English, Your gonna have a bad time if you don't study it. There is civil rights and then there is stupidity, If you truly care about your education and future you must study the universal language.


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