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Should students be able to pick their own classes in middle school?

Asked by: bobokoebe
  • Of course they should be able to pick their own classes

    Why in the world should student's have to learn something they will never use in their entire lifetime. They should be able to pick classes that will help in their career and future job. And teach the importance of using your time wisely in school so they don't have to hate school 100% of the time.

  • Have you ever used algebra in your life?

    No really have you? And has It been useful and helped you live a better life than your life right now? No probably not unless you're doing a job which revolves all around algebra. If I learnt how to code I could probably have a way better life than I have right now or anything in fact that I want to learn. Also, Children always get bored with doing subjects that they don't want to do so they either ignore it or don't remember it properly.

  • They Should Feel More Free!

    If you are a student you will often feel forced to do stuff and feel like you have no choices on anything if students get to pick at least some classes they will like school more and feel more free and less like they are forced to do everything. More fun during school usually means higher grades and a better mental state but schools don't care about that they only care about money.

  • Students should be allowed to choose classes

    I believe students in middle school are capable of learning certain career skills and should be entitled as free people to choose their career path. These classes do not guarantee they will choose this career, But it is likely we will have a far better off society if we eliminate a pure grade system and focus on equipping children for their future. Especially considering more real life lessons will be learned in those classes than that of a middle shcool ELA class teaching about Shakespeare's influence on their language.

  • They are not ready for it

    They are not ready because there will be a thing that they will know very well which will lead to a good reasalt. If it does than there will be a desaster. Beacause they still don't have the carrer and they need to think there future so it is rong

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