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  • Yes. Gum helps distracted students stay on focus

    As long as they don't chew loudly or dispose of the gum outside the trash can, I don't see the problem.

    Gum helps to "shut up" people, because their mouths are occupied, allowing them to think instead of talk.

    Also, chewing gum may speed up reading. "Spreeder.Com" claims the reason why people read too slow is because of "internal voice", a delay in which the mouth must move as the reader reads. Chewing gum occupies the mouth, this allowing faster reading times without the habit of internal voice.

  • I beileve so

    It does help so.... Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Gum n n

    Gum is good for poop w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w ww w w q q w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

  • Gum increases score grades.

    Kids that chew gum are more focused during class and they will learn more from the class and they wont have to teach themselves the wrong way to do something. Chewing gum also helps with memory, so when it comes to the test, kids will remember more from their daily lessons than a non-chewer.

  • Yes we should teachers wake up!!!!!

    Gum is not allowed at my school and you will get in huge trouble if you are caught chewing it. I think this is a mistake.When I am at home and I am working on my homework I often chew gum. Personally, chewing gum helps me. It gives my subconscious something to do while I focus on my work.Gum should be allowed at school because it has been proven to help kids focus and become better students.Chewing gum helps your memory improve and it also helps you focus while you?Re studying. Chewing gum helps to relieve stress and relax.Three of the biggest reasons gum is not allowed at school are because teachers think it?S rude, distracting and messy.I disagree with their opinions. Many people also believe gum is horrible for your teeth.Gum has been scientifically proven to help kids focus better and to improve their memory. Dr. Kenneth Allen, a professor at NYU?S College of Dentistry, has done research and proved that chewing gum can help you in school.The United States is not the only country studying the effects of gum chewing. Psychologists in the United Kingdom have also proven that chewing gum helps your memory and studying. This is due to the fact that chewing gum helps to release insulin into the bloodstream which affects how well your memory works.Gum might be helpful for people with ADD or ADHD. The simple chewing motion can help you relax when taking a test in school.In fact, according to a Wrigley gum study, 65 percent of athletes chew gum to help relieve stress before or during a game.Most teachers say that gum is too messy and will end up underneath the desk, but I disagree. Students often put gum underneath a desk instead of being caught throwing it away.If gum were allowed people might throw it away rather than being sneaky. Some students may put it under the desk or on the floor just to be rebellious, but if they had the privilege to chew gum at school they might be more respectful.At the very least all teachers could give gum chewing in class a try. Most often the silent sound of gum being chewed is barely noticeable. Sure the pop of bubble gum can be a bit louder, but all you have to do is tell the students not to blow bubbles. They should respect the rules because after all they are being allowed to chew gum. Perhaps if you are going to an assembly or presentation, then gum should not be allowed out of politeness for the guest speaker.There are people who say that gum is terrible for your teeth, but there is also sugar-free gum and gum that helps whiten your teeth. While they are not necessarily healthy, they are better then most regular gum?My orthodontist actually told me to get sugar-free gum and put it on my braces so the metal wouldn't? Cut my mouth.Some gums have even been given the American Dental Association?S Seal of Approval.

  • Chewing gum should be allowed

    Teachers are always telling students that the reason behind the gum policy is because students put the gum under desks, chairs, etc. Why do kids really put gum under the desk? Here’s why, they are afraid of getting in trouble so they put it under the desk when they are done. But if students didn’t get in trouble for chewing gum then it would end up in the right place. My question is why can’t teachers give us the responsibility and then teach us how to use it, instead of completely taking it away from everybody.

  • Chewing Gum Is Good For Your Health.

    I Suggest Students Should Chew On Trident.
    Not Only It Has A Good Flavor, But Also It Gives You Good Breath.
    They Should Provide Trident Stalls In School And Each Box Is About 25 Cents.
    It Can Distract You From Annoying Children.
    Just Remember, Teach Students To Wrap The Used Chewing Gum In Tissue Before Throwing It.

  • Chew gum now!

    It helps memory and brain development and makes you cleverer and better and stronger and thinner and much more cooler and it is way better! Most people that chew gum are more acedemic than other students! Scientists have done tests you know! It's not rocket science you know duh !

  • Its me again your only neighborhood brother Snoop Dog

    Hey guys i just saw this website and im like dawg i need to see what's up with teachers not letting kids in school not chew gum and i said boi u better shut up and slap some gum in your mouth and see how good this mother of nature tastes. And so I support all the people with gum posters and my nerd brother. Also, I'm not snoop dog either its little jimmy and yes I'm a rapper so go subscribe to me and if you play Fortnite type in the item shop ikesti and you will receive ten thousand dollars not a joke either so stay fresh and lit me bois.

  • Yes chewing gum should be allowed in school!

    Chewing gum helps me focus and has even helped me get better grades on my tests. It helps me concentrate on my homework and it gives you good breath. And the only reason that kids put gum under their desk is because they don't want to be caught chewing on it. I don't know why teachers don't allow gum in school. It can be a good help to kids who don't focus and it helps me read faster.

  • Hector 3 grade

    You should not eat gum because it may cause cavities. I never
    got cavities because I don't eat gum. I know you don't
    want to get cavities and I don't ether so if you don't eat gum you will not
    lose your teeth. So don't eat gum it is bad!

  • I say no to gum

    Gum In school should not be allowed! People stick it to desk! It districts teachers and other people in the class! I like gum and all but school is not the place to chew it! My classes always get interrupted by gum chewers and I can't stand it because I come to school to learn! Not to listen to teachers yelling at my peers to spit their gum out!

  • They chew like cows

    There is a disorder out there that affects a good bit of people called Misophonia (literally, the hatred of sound) or Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (4s) which I have. It makes eating with others or being near others that are eating a horrible, rageful, and stressful experience.

    And let me tell you, most gum-chewing students in classes chew like cows. Their brains are incapable of understanding how to chew with their mouths closed so that they do not smack. It is obnoxious and disgusting.

    Also, most kids can and will stick gum to a desk. Run your hands across the bottoms of desks in any classroom of any grade; I dare you! It's repulsive and it stays there until someone musters up the courage to go past their job description and scrape gum from their desks.

    There are those that say that gum can help you concentrate. Believe me, this is absolutely true, but it's not the only method in the world to help someone concentrate. It's also not the only appetite suppressant in the world. It IS one of the most horrid things to misophoniacs like me.

    Thank you, everyone. Continue this debate.

  • Gum is sticky and gross.

    Gum sticks to everything, especially under desks. Its nasty , imagine finding saliva covered gum under your desk, I mean imagine the germs! Its disgusting and , when you touch gum you can get it all over your fingers. That doesn't help to work , being covered in something that was in someone else's mouth.

  • Use something else to release stress / energy / stay focussed. Gum is unnecessary and hard to remove.

    Most of the arguments for explain how it can help students concentrate. Why not use a stress ball, or a hand grip exerciser?

    As for keeping them quiet? They still speak with their gum in, only with less eloquence and a white bit of plastic rolling around their mouths. Plus the teachers will want them to occasionally speak up and answer/ ask questions.

    Gum has no place in schools.

  • Gum should not be allowed in schools

    One reason, why gum should not be allowed in school is that it is a big destration of students. The used gum is likely to end up under chairs, desks and other apparatus. I think some kid just not listen when teachers say no but some kids still do it though

  • Lead to more unbanning

    If you let 1 ban go, people will use the same reasons to ban other things. This could lead to a unorganized school. People wouldn't go to that school. That school would die. Then what would we do. All because you let chewing gum get in your way. Don't let gum get in the way.

  • No they just cant

    It is a sticky substance and it sucks,it might make students concentrate when there worried,but seriously, its gonn affect evrything in their body.Starting from teeth to neck to heart and to all over the body because it has chemicals and it has sugar like over 6 grams which is really bad.I know there is sugar free gum,but where can buy them,sugarunfree gums are every whehre

  • Smack, smack ,smack

    Kids chew to much gum. Most gum is bad for your teeth. It distracts kids when they're trying to blow a bubble. Gum is loud. Kids chew it to loud. Some kids need it quiet to think. When kids are distracted they can get late assignments. Also if the gum is bad for your teeth you could get your teeth drilled. TOO MUCH GUM!!!!!!

  • "Breath-Mint any one?"

    Many people argue, that we shold allow gum, because it makes your breath fresh or helps you concentrate. I have on question for them, "Ever heard of a Breath-Mint?" (No offense to those who said yes!) Breath-Mints are just as effective as gum! Not only can it help concentration, it can also make your breath fresh too! Yes, they have the same positives, but, there is a catch to gum. When you finish it you apparently need to stick it under your desk to get rid of it, or disrupt the class and walk up to through it away! With a mint, you don't have to spit it out! Just chew and swallow! To conclude, gum should not be allowed at school, and mints are a much better alternative.

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gabechua says2014-03-16T07:37:55.203
Chewing gum should be allowed in school as it helps to improve oral health by stimulating saliva production in the mouth. Since saliva has antibacterial properties it helps flush out bacteria and hence improves oral health! This is important!
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-05-04T06:54:21.660
Gum under desks like oh my god. I hate gum because of it.

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