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  • Cell phones are good

    I believe that cell phones SHOULD be allowed in public schools for many reasons. They are good for education, safety, and much more.

    1. Cell phones are good for education. Cell Phones are good for education for many reasons. First you can use cell phones for research purposes. Although most schools have at least 1 computer in the classroom and a computer lab, sometimes this still isn’t enough. It can also be expensive to provide a computer to each student at school, so a good option is to use cell phones for research instead. Next, I want to talk about why apps are good for education. Some people think that some apps are bad and kids will get distracted and use them in class. And the truth is that cell phones have many educational apps as well. Which do you think would be more fun and exciting for a student? Either studying with a boring book that is hard to understand, or playing an educational app that is still studying, but much more exciting. I would definitely choose the second choice. Here are some good features of phones that are good for school: 1.Calculator. It doesn’t matter if your phone is expensive or not, almost every single phone has a calculator. Lots of students are required to have a calculator as one of their school supplies, but if they have one on their phone, then they don’t have to get one. 2. Stop Watch. Lots of phones have a stopwatch, which can be used in science class. I know that when I was in public school we used stopwatches all the time for experiments, and the teacher only had 3 stopwatches so we had to take turns. 3. Dictionary. Cell phones can be used as a dictionary, which can be VERY useful in a classroom setting. You can always search on the Internet for the definition, or if you classroom or school doesn’t have wi fi, you can text to 466-456 the word you need defined and Google will text you back the definition of that term.

    2. Cell phones keep you safe. Believe it or not, a cell phone could save your life. Here is an example: On April 20, 1999, 2 teenagers walked into Columbine High school carrying sub-machine guns and homemade bombs intending to do some major damage. 13 innocent students were murdered and many more would have been if it weren’t for some students and their cell phones. 1 student, hiding for his life, calls 911 and describes the location of the school, and what the murderers looked like. If it weren’t for him and his cell phone and many others, many other students would have died. There are many other true stories like this one where people’s lives were saved because of cell phones.

  • Yes, student should use their phones at school

    We are preparing students for adult life; we should therefore allow them to use the tools that they will be using in their adult life. If we are preparing our students for life after school, we should allow them to use the tools they will be using when they get there. How many jobs can you think of right now where a smart phone is not beneficial? Mechanics order parts on their phone, engineers view blueprints, doctors calculate dosages, and grocers check inventory. The list is endless. By the time our students enter their professions, the need to utilize mobile technology will be even stronger. Not preparing our students for that world is negligent.

  • A phone can be used for educational purposes.

    Students should definitely be able to use their phones during class. A phone is a great device. It can used for many educational things like research, projects, calculators, and even putting in important dates when a homework assignment or a project is due. You can also use a phone to call or text your parents if maybe you forgot your lunch at home, need lunch money so you can eat at school, or to let them know that you have tutorials after school that day. There are many things that phones are useful for.

  • Cellphones in class: the learning and safety tool.

    Pretty much everywhere, cell phones are banned because most people say it's distracting. Teachers don't want kids texting in class when they're trying to teach them important things. But the truth about more modern phones is they can be a great learning tool. Students can use calculators (most likely not during math), stopwatches, timers, educational apps, the internet, and more with their mobile phones nowadays. School filters can connect with the wifi and be used to filter specific things that need to be filtered. Also, cell phones should also be used for safety. The employees at a school say you don't need to use your phone to contact people but what if something happens like the school phone line goes dead? Also, if you need a phone number the school doesn't have, it will most likely be under your contacts list. And if students might need to contact a student in another class for something important, they can always contact them. And if a student is sick, they can Facetime or Skype another student during class to watch the lesson and not miss anything important.

  • Elc class now

    Hai saya tengah belajar elc nih ok o k o k o k o k o ko k o k o k o k o k o k o ko k o k o k o k o k o ko k o k o o k o k o k.Korang tengah buat ape tu?

  • It'll help keep their social life active.

    If students have their cell phones at school they could continue talking to their friends, and, in an emergency, text or call their parents or the paramedics. Also they could research stuff if needed if all the computers are in use. They could also take notes easier on cell phones or iPods.(:

  • Yes, there are many good reasons.

    Sometimes kids forget their lunch and need to text their parents to get food. And what if you forgot to ride the bus or not? You can text your parent and ask. What if you need some medicine but have to have your parent's permission, you could text and make sure it's ok.

  • We can be trusted.

    High school students are supposed to be trusted. We are growing up and we are supposed to be held accountable for the things we do and don't do. If a student doesn't want to do the work, you cannot force them to do it. It is OUR choice to decide what we want to do. And to the students who can actually focus on their work while given the privilege to use their phones, good for them. Although phones can be a distraction, they can also be a big help to us.

    -Franklin High School Student, Elk Grove, CA.

  • I believe that trusting students to have a cell phone in class instills a level of respect that they pass on to teachers.

    Students should be allowed to bring their own devices and enjoy that freedom, while also being able to focus on their learning. Bringing their own device will encourage them and show a level of respect that they appreciate, and in return, they'll pay more attention to the teachers and become better students because they give back the respect they earn. Only those who fail to show respect should have their devices taken away by the teachers.

    I hope this helps. Thank You.

  • Increase excitement in education for teens.

    It's boring for teens to look through a book to find answers. If the teachers allowed students to whip out their phones in class and search for the answer that way, students will be more motivated and more excited to search for the answer. Also, it could be a convenience for note taking. You could easily snap a quick picture of the notes on the board or voice record all of the notes the teacher is saying.

  • As a Teacher, grrrr.... cell phones!

    I'm a teacher, and I'm so glad cell phones are banned at my school.
    1. Students might play video games in class.
    2. If a cell phones rings, it is distracting to everyone in class.
    3. Texting is super distracting.
    4. Cell phones enable students to cheat during tests, texting each other the answers.

  • I vote no on students bringing cellphones to school.

    They could cheat. They get distracted. They distract others from their work. They could text in class and the teachers might see so they might get their phone takin away! It is not worth taking your phone to school if you are just going to text in class and get your phone takin away!

  • Why we should not have cell phones in class.

    We should not have cell phones in school because if they are going off like someone is calling them they will be distracting, the students could cheat on test, plus students wouldn't pay attention in class because they will be too distracted texting others and playing games on their cell phones.

  • No I will not allowed cell phones in school. I agree!

    I agree because it will be too distracting, there will be cheating, talking loud on the phone, playing games and NOT paying attention. Also you will be taking pictures and you will hear it say cheese and you will see the flash. Also you will be texting and not participating in class activities. Also if you are listening to music you will be dancing singing and you will hear it. So I would not have cell phones in school. So I say NO!

  • They're bad

    Students need to get their act together in class and pay full attention to the teacher that is there. Wasting their time by using their phones distracts both the teachers and other students. These students are there for a reason and allowing phones in school would take away from their education.

  • They did to pay attention

    I would say yes but the only time they will be able to use their phone will be during lunch after school and free play. For an emergency they can call their parents or guardians but the cell phones will have to be in their lockers and cell phones did to be shut down. The teachers will have permission to go throw their lockers and see if their cell phones are off. If there not off they will be taken away and their parents or guardians will have to come and pick them up and pay $15.00 dollars. If they get taken away the second time their parents or guardians will paying $15.00 dollars and spend one day in school suspension for one day.

  • No, they should not be allowed.

    I am 14 and I think that mobile phones should not be allowed. They are a distraction. I find it very hard to concentrate during class if I am constantly receiving texts. I find school difficult as it is, let alone having another piece of technology to worry about. Don't get me wrong, I love my phone, but just not during school - I go to be educated, not to spend more time on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Phones are a distraction.

    Students need to get their act together in class and pay full attention to the teacher that is there. Wasting their time by using their phones distracts both the teachers and other students. These students are there for a reason and allowing phones in school would take away from their education.

  • No, I don't believe students should use their cell phones.

    Because the cell phone can distract them from learning. They could be on many things like going on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and many other chat sites. The students can even be playing games, or watching something on YouTube. Allowing the kids to use their cell phones in the school can mess up their education, they wont be learning instead they would be doing something besides learning.

  • Cell phones distract students from their work.

    I believe that cell phones should not be in use during learning time because children would not fully concentrate on their work. Children could go on facebook, and facebook is not helpful for their learning. Children will be distracted by phones' ringing or flashes from other children taking photos with their phones. Cell phones should not be allowed in school during learning time.

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Anonymous says2013-03-07T17:39:08.383
According 2 me cell phones must b aiiowed in schools as now a days the teenages of the new generation dont like 2 ask any1 4 their cells. They feel that it is a matter of shame. Again we all know that cell phones consists of different things such s calculator,net,maps,webs,camera music and so many other facilities. It is like carrying yhe whole world along with us.
Anonymous says2013-03-11T15:08:23.847
did you forget some thing about school and phones
Anonymous says2013-03-13T15:38:11.773
i think cell phones are good to used in school because their is alot of things that sport that
Anonymous says2013-03-20T23:41:49.627
I don't agree because it will be to destracting, to loud ,not paying attention and cheating on test and quizzes.
Anonymous says2013-03-22T20:25:46.940
it should be aloud in henry ford elem
Anonymous says2013-03-26T18:16:34.820
No because they distract u
Anonymous says2013-03-27T18:19:17.603
Yes they do distract you BUT it should come with a policey
You are only allowed to get on your phone if your work is done or if the teacher says you can
Anonymous says2013-04-04T16:36:32.587
I agree they are good to have
Anonymous says2013-04-05T16:05:41.237
Yes it should be allowed as it is an important tool to studets
Anonymous says2013-04-14T23:57:39.357
I say yes because it gives you higher grades
Anonymous says2013-04-16T17:43:23.497
Yes because you can use it as a reference to information instead of a big book and if the student is not using it as study skills then thats their loss.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T16:26:23.357
I agree you can use them to hep u study
Anonymous says2013-04-24T15:19:07.973
I do not agree that kids should be able to bring electronics.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T15:19:23.980
Why should they be allowed anyways?
Anonymous says2013-04-24T16:02:09.900
Yes, period okay. Because you can download educational apps And easier Internet access
Anonymous says2013-04-25T20:07:25.687
Yes cellular phone have it's purpose. Question, what was using in the classroom etc.........Before phones came into existence?
Anonymous says2013-04-29T17:32:35.450
Yes it is really helpfull
Anonymous says2013-04-30T15:46:30.683
Phones should be allowed in school just simply for many reasons.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T14:29:31.857
Cell phones are fun! It is fine to use them in school if the teacher says it's okay.
Anonymous says2013-05-02T18:52:27.660
I believe its a great idea ...
Anonymous says2013-05-08T13:41:15.210
Cell phones Are AW3SOME
Anonymous says2013-05-08T17:20:11.077
I love electronics
Anonymous says2013-05-09T18:51:46.130
YES YES YES!!!!!!! Students should be able to use cellphones and I-pods at school!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous says2013-05-13T01:49:31.983
The debate on whether kids should be allowed to use cell phones in school is an easy one. Although cell phones do have some great apps that will help in educating them and maybe further advancement in learning, there is also major distraction. A lot of kids already use phones in school to text and by making cell phones able to be used you are going to have many children distracted. Some say "Books are boring and they won't help me learn" well buddy let me tell you something. Books are the oldest source of history in the world and are a lot better at teaching than electronic devices that will keep kids distracted. The problem isn't that the books are "Boring" it is that kids want to be able to use electronics during school. It doesn't matter if the cell phones will help, most kids will just use them for other things such as texting, facebook, twitter, etc. A book is a good way to grasp someone's attention because you can only read the words in that book, you can't go read a different thing in that book like you can with a cell phone or ipod. The fact is that a lot of the people saying cell phones are good are kids who already use them in school or want an option to. Sure they can be used as a calculator, or for looking up definitions for words, but out of all the people who use cell phones in school already how many really use it for that purpose? Little to none. Electronic devices are to much of a distraction and should not be allowed in school without proper supervision that they are actually being used for good intentions, such as most are suggesting. Another bad reason is that they can use it to cheat or get answers without actually figuring it out on their own. In doing this they become reliant on the cell phone than their own knowledge, so what happens when your phone breaks and you don't know how to do something? Well it sucks to be you doesn't it. We are in such a electronic dependent world that books in a learning environment are very good for people. All I am trying to say is that they will be too much of a distraction than from learning the cold hard facts from a book, and our kids will become dependent on electronics than know how to do things themselves.
Anonymous says2013-05-14T15:08:19.217
I think that cell phones should be allowed in school because it would allow kids to take notes without having to fumble around with a pencil and paper
Anonymous says2013-05-29T15:51:36.863
Should be allowed , education would be more exciting.
debater212 says2013-11-07T16:22:27.130
I like pie
Morganperry says2014-05-01T19:08:14.050
We could also use the phones to search the web so we can reaserch things we need to do in class
Morganperry says2014-05-01T19:11:44.383
We can use cell phones to search thee web and help with dislexia and we can now, with the new technology to speak into the device and it will search it for us. I am using the voice text as we speak and I am at school and I'm in a quit place were I can do it. Let's have phones in schools!
bigred23 says2014-07-22T07:53:41.403
Cell phones are good In school & on the bus for emergency purposes only what if there is a fire and you can not get to the landline that is when the kids wull need there cell phones if there is a accident on the bus the kids will need to call us this is why I say I believe our kids should be allowed to have cellphones in school as well as on th bus because an emergency situation can happen at anytime.NOT for talking and texting during class they can talk and text between classes or on their free time at home. 0:-)
imtheman says2015-02-18T22:53:48.747
1mccreeper says2015-02-19T13:50:42.433
I like potatos
1mccreeper says2015-02-19T13:51:04.713
U like potatos
UnspokenTyro says2015-08-21T13:00:02.307
It is not like students are going to cheat or anything.
psychoticblitz says2015-08-21T13:13:51.630
Well u must be the worst teacher ever anonymous
tozaki_14 says2016-05-31T16:53:25.780
Phones are good
TheLordOfDebate says2016-09-28T16:12:33.920
Cell phones typically include a web browser such as Google, and students who find missing pieces of information in the textbooks that they want to know should be allowed to look it up. Phones also keep kids engaged and interested.
rbuckles04 says2017-09-20T21:53:51.380
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rbuckles04 says2017-09-20T21:54:02.037
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rbuckles04 says2017-09-20T21:54:22.440
Can i get a woot woot
rbuckles04 says2017-09-20T21:55:47.227
Cuz pones is good and pones is good for resaerch and fuun and gmes yah
jamesmanwolf says2017-12-11T15:56:51.937
Phones are useful.
TheStupidReply says2018-02-02T19:27:05.287
TheStupidReply says2018-02-07T19:24:42.120
Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris was a killer (Massacre) now R.I.P em
kawaii2001 says2018-05-22T18:42:56.157
kawaii2001 says2018-05-22T18:53:46.163
Phones, not pones!

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