• Students should do homework

    If we keep aside the thought that students don't get enough time to sleep and it adds another task in their time table, Then we can figure out that homework is beneficial to a student in multiple ways. Students can revise the concept learnt in the school the same day by doing homework. It assures the clarity of the concept and prepares them for regular tests. Students, If not given homework, Would not pick up their books at home to study unless it is exam time! By doing regular exercise they not only prepare themselves for examinations but also learn skills like time management. Students will strive hard to complete their homework faster so they get their leisure time and if they manage their time tables then they will not have to sleep late and will also get enough sleep. If a student stays up at night, Then it because he did not manage his time properly. If he had then he would have enough time during the day to complete his work. We cannot avoid homeworks' for such reasons.

  • Say yes for homeworks!

    Homeworks prepare students for exams as it teaches them responsibility. Students will be responsible about their homework’s, Also it makes students get closer to their family. They may not understand a question so they will ask on of their family members. . . . . . . . . .

  • Helps Prepare for Tests

    Giving students homework is necessary in order to prepare them for assessments and projects in class. While it may not prepare them for real life per say, It helps develop critical thinking, Time management, And other vital skills for surviving in the adult world. But it is annoying, So I really don't know.

  • Increase the Odds of Success

    Many students see homework as a waste of time. However, Most students do not understand the importance of practicing in order to retain knowledge. While it may be time-consuming it also helps students learn how to manage their time. This is an important skill that is very beneficial and must be taught at a young age.

  • Homework Should Be Assigned To Students Needing It

    I belive that homework should only be assigned to students who are struggling in that course. Other extracurricular activities are much more useful to a student that is fairing well in a class. Homework is also detrimental to a students sleep schedual it is a commonly accepted fact that teenagers don't get enough sleep, Homework is another thing that comes before sleep on a student's agenda. Therefor it would help a passing student's grades to not assign homework.

  • No To homework

    Homework is just useless because the students want to be free for the rest of the day but they can't with homework being on their agenda. Also, Homework just makes students have to work during the night and then they don't get sleep and studies show that students need more sleep and it can help them with exams, Quizzes and tests. Now I am just saying that even though homework can help students practice school is just not even worth it anyway. Sorry, But someone had to say it. The school was only good in the industrial age but that is another topic for another debate. Anyways school already makes students work hard and kids don't all want to be academic people and be teachers or be professors.

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RealAlecRhodes says2020-02-17T06:17:36.647
Seeing as how you put in “homeworks” I think it should be pretty clear to people the the answer should be yes.

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