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Should students in primary school be allowed to choose their own subjects

  • It will be able to help students be able to focus on what they need help on

    Thousands of students all over the world in primary school need extra help on a certain subject, If students could choose what lessons they do it could really help their education. If students are really good at a subject and they say its to easy and its a waste of their school time they could change it to a different lesson that they like or they might need help on.

  • They need basic for future learning

    They shouldn't be allowed to choose subjects to learn because once they were allowed to choose they might choose the decision done by others like friends or parents, Its definitely not their own decisions. They should learn all at primary school first, And when they get older they can know which one is better for them.

  • It will not help students at all.

    Lets get this straight, Primary kids are not old and enough (and when I mean by old, I mean as if they're not capable enough) of choosing their own subjects. Kids should just learn compulsory subjects such as mathematics, English and science. However, Once they get older, They're capable of deciding their own career pathway and this will lead them to their desired subjects. Why make kids waste time on other unhelpful subjects such as art if they wanted to become a doctor? Or physical education when they want to become a writer?

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