• Phones are an essential tool to function in modern developed societies

    It would be extremely difficult for a teen to experience the world without a phone. Phones are the gateways to many opportunities, Both social and professional, And artificially restricting access by taking away the devices that grant them is cruel and unnecessary. The argument that teens need to be sheltered from the "horrors" of the internet is frankly ridiculous and doesn't to be dignified by a response.

  • Teens should be able to.

    If something was to happen and their parent needed to contact them, A phone allows the parents to do that. Also, It allows them to socialize with their friends, And keep in contact if friends move away. There are apps and settings that allow you to control what your child does on their phone as well. Also, Have a little faith in your child! You should support your child even if they don't respect the religion they were born into.

  • Phones are useful in many ways

    Phones are a great source of entertainment and information, Now there are some cons to giving your child a phone like getting answers on a test or watching porn (although porn is completely natural and I don't really consider it a bad thing) But easily the most important use is the ability to call your distant friends or call 911 if you get in an accident. Overall I think it's pretty obvious that everyone, Not just adults and teenagers, Should have a phone

  • NO they should not

    They should not because you might not know what they are doing, Watching, Playing or doing stuff you don't want them to. They might even do weird stuff. They might do stuff that is against you rules or religion. So teens should not have phones because there is a bunch of reasons.

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