• Yes, I agree

    Us kids or as I could say, us teenagers -13 and older, we have the right to watch these Rated R movies for the fact that we learn these sort of stuff in school or in such other places. I mean, if we could have our parents permission its all good as long as we behave in the theater.

  • Hell yes bruhhhhhhhh

    Well it really doesn't matter i meen us black kids, our parents let us watch any movie we want but we still must cover our eyes when something innapropiate shows obn the tv, and i know i have bad grammar so don't judge me but to be honest i rushed through because im in class and we have to go to lunch and finish when we get back,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..........................................

  • I think it yes

    I think it good for some of the teens and over 13 and more and some of the parent flip out of one big movies and other thing i like the rated R movies and other thing like you and the people around you and have fun at it ok

  • Yes all the way!!!!!

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes....... YES!!!!!!

  • Yes They Should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We should be allowed into R rated movies because they are very macher and they deserve a better live then G PG and PG-13 movies they should incloud R rated movies VYC hbhu b hv v hv jhbh v jbk hbh vh b hvh vh v vh vh bh b!!!!!!!!

  • Yes they should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They should be able to i mean, its really up to how mature they are and so on. I mean it doesn't really matter on how old you are to see a movie i mean you if you can see that movie you can always bring an adult, anyways like i said doesn't matter how old but i mean be for real i mean you cant be like 2 years and go see a scary movie but you know what i mean like a mature age , have your parents make that choice because they would know whats best.

  • Well duh of course yes

    Ok look from 14 and up. We are mature enough to know what drugs are and what sex is. A lot of us probably have already watched things that are even worse like porn. So these so called r rated movies are like nothing, it's not like they are going to show a part of two people having sex with out getting covered by a blanket or something. We are old enough to watch these kinds of stuffs

  • Yes they Should!!!!


  • Ya ya ya

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  • Yes yes yes

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  • No that isnt right

    First I will be talking about how you do have a greater chance of drinking underage if you watch more than three r rated movies. In fact according to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse you have over a 5 times more likely chance that you will be drinking underage. Now some od you have watched more than 3 R rated movies I can almost guarantee it but if I were you I would not to watch them and if you really want to at least be aware of how it tempts and how to see it through and avoid it.
    Secondly I will be talking about how the chances are greater for smoking as well. You are nearly 7 times more likely to smoke a cigarette and if that isn't enough you are also over 6 times more likely to try marijuana. So even these things aren't necessarily illegal they have terrible side affects and have been proven to be addicting. So I think that is a great reason to avoid R rated movies

  • It's R for a reason people.

    Rated R movies are R for a reason they include violence, Sex, Nudity, Drug use, And HEAVY cussing Being able to drop just about as many F-Bombs as they want. Which means every other curse word is fine too teens dont need to be taught that these things are fine.

  • Nooooooooo no no no

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  • Should teens really be able to watch rated R movies?

    Evidence shows that teenagers tend to do more risky things than adults. The school of medicine brought in young men to examine their brain. And after about one week of playing violent video games, there was a change in the prefrontal cortex and the activation of the amygdala. The amygdala is a part of the brain that is in control of your emotions and survival instincts. Also the prefrontal cortex is the thinking part of the brain which has the concentration, decision making and self-control part. If the prefrontal cortex is decreasing in the week that these teen boys play these violent video games and the amygdala is increasing this could trigger emotions that these teens have never experienced before. This could lead to violence.

  • Depends on the movie and the age.

    It really depends on the movie, content and the age of the kid. The big controversial movie Deadpool that just came out seems to be the topic of most of the subject. Growing up, I had a VERY lenient upbringing. That being said I would have never in a million years have been allowed to watch Deadpool. However there are a lot of dumb movies out there with the R rating that I say are perfectly fine for kids 13+ then some are suited for kids 15+. Rare occasions does it seem that a rated R movie is actually a watered down porno or actually a rated X in disguise. We can say kids are mature enough to watch "adult" content, but I have to highly disagree with that, to an extent.

  • Yes because either way kids r go to learn them at school or in the streets

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  • They can learn very bad stuff from R rated movies

    If they are turning 13 they will Learn the the bird AKA the middle finger and they will learn to curse maybe to bad stuff that they will regret sooner or later even the movie dirty grandpa that should of never have been made ever in this hole life time.

  • Yes they should

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  • Its not ok

    Kids learn to say those bad words and all that crazy stuff then they go out and do it causing trouble. Monkey see monkey do. Why would anyone want to allow their kids to see all that. That's why some kids are always swearing or being rude against their peers or teachers.

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