• If They Do Something Wrong, They Need To Learn Their Lesson

    Really, it depends on what crime it is. For example, the 15 year old who shot 16 people at Marshall County High School should be tried as and adult. If it is just a simple offence, no they shouldn't, but if it is like what the 15 year old did, yes they should be tried as adults so that they will learn their lesson.

  • Depends on the crime

    In my opinion, Teens should be charged as adults if they commit crimes that require serious punishment, Such as theft, Fraud, And murder. Besides that, They should be charged as teens and not receive an elongated sentence. The term child or teen should not deter courts from giving them adult punishment fro committing very bad crimes.

  • Otherwise age is a "get out"

    Yes. If a crime is commited and they are charged they should follow the same judicial process as an adult would.......Otherwise its simplynot fair! Now of course their age should be taken into account if they are scentanced since if they are young they wont have the same way to weigh up what they are doing as an older person is but obviously that comes down to jundges.

  • This encourages criminal behavior

    If you give teens a pass or a break for serious criminal behavior there is nothing to discourage this behavior. Is this what we want from our youth. Or should they know and realize that violent crime will be dealt with seriously. This was actually a huge problem in some areas with drug related crime youths under 16 were being used to commit the murders because they knew that they would be treated as Juveniles.

  • It depends on their mistake

    When it comes to the crime that REALLY serious, so they have to be charged as adults. There are many murder and violence that leads to murder cases. From my country, Indonesia, several weeks ago a teacher died after got hit by his student. Is that not a serious case?
    Many people said that this boy have to be rehabilitated. I think, only rehabili is not enough for teens who did "adults" crime.

  • Yes they should be charge as adults.

    If you killed or rape people they should be charge as a adult. I would even say 13 to 14 years old should be charge. Look at Columbine High School massacre. Dylann Roof In Charleston church shooting. James Holmes for Aurora shooting at a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. They all should be put to death. And are a lot more. So yes teenage should be charge as a adult period...

  • Teens are mini adults

    Even though a teen most likely still lives at home, the "teenage years" should be preparing him/her to become an adult. It is actually KINDER to treat them like adults when they still have their parent(s) around to support them instead of abruptly forcing them to take on the challenges of an adult after being treated like a child.

  • No they shouldn't.

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  • It's absolutely ridiculous

    It's absurd to be charged as such. You have to be an adult to be charged as an adult. You have to be 18 years old to be an adult. Anything below that, they go the juvenile detention center. It's common sense. How is that a difficult concept to understand?

    Posted by: no_u
  • NO they shouldn't

    Teens should be charged when they commit the crime that they were incarcerated for. If they are charged later on they will forget why the were incarcerated in the first place. Thank you for viewing this debate. I can't think of anything else to say. If I do It will be in the comments/replies.

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