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  • It is much more dangerous than drunk driving

    Penalties for texting and driving should be at least equal to drunk driving. Accidents in my county are up 6 times from 8 years ago due to texting drivers. These Zombies need to get a clue!!! I see them virtually everywhere and they rarely look up to see what is ahead of them. I can spot them a block away as they stay back way too far from the car ahead and swerve into the next lane often (not to mention watching them run red lights like they don't exist.

  • It can hurt others

    Even a second away from looking at the road, and looking at your phone can put you and others at risk. A lot of innocent people EVEN KIDS have died due to someone texting a driving. No one deserves to loose their life because of one stupid mistake that could of easly avoided way before. Just don't do it people

  • Yes, texting while driving is criminal.

    One can eat a sandwich and retain most of one's focus on the road. However, there is no way that one can be looking down for a concentrated period of even a few seconds and be said to have one's eyes on the road. So texting while driving is definitely a primary offense.

  • Texting and driving is dangerous

    Texting while driving is very dangerous, far more dangerous than talking on a cell phone while driving, and should be considered as such legally. While cell phones require one or no hand to be off a wheel, texting reuires one or both hands off the wheel, and a person's eyes to be off the road. This could, and does, lead to serious accidents.

  • It's worse than drunk driving

    Scientists at the NHTSA have studied just how dangerous texting while driving is and the results were shocking. They determined that texting while driving is SIX TIMES more dangerous than drunk driving. Any activity that is more dangerous than drunk driving is something that needs to be cracked down on. It's not just dangerous to the driver, it's dangerous to anyone around them.

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