Should the death penalty be used in cases of extreme crimes such as murder?

  • I support the death penalty.

    Yes, I agree that the death penalty should be used on extreme cases such as murder. Murderers have been known for being released or put on parole only to go out and kill again. The risk alone that you, Someone you know, Or some ordinary Joe on the street will be killed because he/she was allowed to continue living should be enough. Some may say that it is to harsh, Or killing is amoral. The sad fact is that you need to crack some eggs to make an omelet. Our society can't be safe if we allow those who are either mentally unstable enough or who have to few morals to kill another human being. Now, Going to prison isn't some kind of vacation, But you do have all your basic needs taken care of, And in some cases some extra privileges. Where is the money for this coming from? Our tax dollars. I have no problem paying for prisons or prisoners who committed less serious crimes; however, I have no desire to pay for the needs of a murderer, And I doubt you do either. Another major complaint is that some people are falsely accused and put to death. Only 4% of the executed were innocent. If we kill one innocent person, By a horrible mistake mind you, For every twenty four guilty, I say it is worth the risk.

  • I think the death penalty should be used.

    Why? I think that if someone does something such as becoming a serial killer and killing multiple people in a sane mindset, They deserve the death penalty.
    "But what if they're scared, Or don't want to die? "
    What do you think about the people the had murdered? Do you think they were scared, Or didn't want to die? Sure, Certain situations have different circumstances. Therefore, It can be negotiated in such situations. But i stand strongly by my argument that people who commit heinous crimes deserve the death penalty.

  • It's killing someone.

    As a matter of principle, I don't think it's controversial to say that killing is wrong. Perhaps in a very poor country, Killing could be justified because there are no other alternatives. But in modern countries, We have plenty of jail space for serious offenders. Also, Is death really a punishment? You're dead, You don't learn any lessons.

  • I guess not

    The death penalty works as long as they aren’t wrongly convicted. Also jail for life is equivalent to death sentence. Like they spend their entire life in jail for taking a life and they can’t take another life while in jail so it all works out just fine. Enough said.

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