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  • Its not safe for the communities

    More than 5000 teens die every year from car accidents.
    They aren't mature enough
    less pollution
    less congestion
    teens get restless when waiting to drive so when they finally drive they can get reckless making it unsafe for other drivers and pedestrians. Overall the younger they are the more dangerous it is for the community

  • Teens should drive at the age of 21 because.

    I think that teen are not matured to drive at a young age. Especially when they are in school. Yes, kids can drive to school but they can also use it to go to other places that are not necessary such as party. It is very likely that the teens would drink alcohol at the party leading them to drink and drive and when they drink and drive they will have a car accident.

  • It should be experience that counts.

    Most teens are excited about driving but why rush into it if the legal driving age is raised than teens can be experienced when they first get their license. I get that when teens turn 16 that they are legally allowed to drive but they can keep their licenses but try practicing and get better at it then they can drive without the main causes of teen deaths car accidents. The causes of those accidents are from DISTRACTED DRIVING that is why I am saying yes because most teens are seen texting while driving or talking on the phone while driving , or any other form of distracted driving. So I think that the legal driving age should be raised to 21

  • Kids will want to party

    At the age of 17 kids are now prone to partying because they will have a car giving them freedom to go out to party. Also you need to consider that the legal drinking age is 18 and without a doubt they will be drinking at these parties. With an intoxicated 17 year old behind the wheel they are novice to driving so they will not have the experience to know what to do behind the wheel but on the other hand a 21 year old will be more experienced and more mature to know how to handle a vehicle while being intoxicated.

  • Yes 21 is perfect!

    Young drivers put themselves and other people in danger because their low maturity and experience.

    Teens don't know much of the consequences that come with driving. They party and drink, and when they drive drunk, that's another wreck and death waiting to happen.

    A lot of teens just want a car to drive and show off, they don't really drive the proper way .

    Driving encourage obesity, and if thhey would not drive 32% of the american citizens would be not obese.

    A car could be a weapon and you don’t put a weapon in the hands of a child because he is not enough mature to know the repercutions it can have.

  • Its so obvious yes we should rise it

    Teenagers will not I repeat will not mature over time if the past and the present is any indication that they haven't learned from their mistakes then they will not mature. Teens are reckless a true fact and because of this the driving age should be raised so that at 21 they will be some what mature and hopefully smarter and less pig headed than they already are.

  • 21 is certainly not a bad idea.

    Many accidents happen on the road and a lot of it now deals with young drivers who are distracted by cell phones or friends. Majority of 18 year olds aren't even capable of maturity, and thoughts that they still may have immature friends or distractions in the car could be a fatal mistake. Anyone over the years of 21 has far more brains and experience in a car. The minimum age for a drivers licence is 15, and at that age teenage parties are welcomed in your life.

  • The legal age should be raised to 21!

    The legal age should be raised because kids are drinking and driving.They are irresponsible and immature. They need to make the driving test harder if they aren't going to make the age higher. This is coming from a teenagers point of view. This is why it needs raised in the country

  • Should be raised to 21

    Kid are to young and reckless, not responsible enough to drive on state roads and go places. They are out late partying and having fun even if underage, drinking, and smoking. They then drive home when they should be taking a taxi instead. They should really consider this and save the young kids today

  • Driving age should be raised to 21

    As the previous comments said driving age SHOULD be raised to 21. If teens must go to work or school activities they can take the BUS, it is not expensive and it gets you where you need. There is also a metro if needed and there are also trains. We also must not forget the taxis there are

  • Its the fact that there new at driving not that they are young

    No matter what age you allow people to be eligible to drive at they will be inexperienced and that is what causes accidents. It is true that a 21 year old would likely treat driving with more respect however at 16 year old new drivers would at least practice with their parents, something most 21 year old would likely no be able to do or simply not want to do. This practice is what gains experience for the new driver which is more important than how old the driver is. Not to mention that having to wait till your 21 would be frustrating and underaged drivers on the road would be far more common.

  • You need to get to work

    Basically what are teen supposed to do if they are trying to earn a living yet they cant get their jobs. Also what do you do with the current 17-21 year olds who have cars and are driving round, you cant just take away their car that was bought for or by them.

  • Alcohol is a danger to teens

    In 2015, 6 teens a day died in a car accident every day. The fact is, teens aren't always mature enough to handle driving. The government should raise the age to 21. When a young adult begins drinking, they are inclined to test their limits and push their boundaries a few times. If they are able to drive before getting used to the affect alcohol has on a human. Not only will raising the age to 21 reduce car accidents, it will also help the municipal government. How? Young adults have to drive to their daily job and need transportation, which may appear to be unfavorable, but the bus is a great option. Citizens using the bus will help the government. The money spent on bus tickets can be used to make the city a better place

  • Driving age should not be 21

    Some say that "anyone over the age of 21 has far more brains and experience in a car, " but if they didn't start driving when they were 16 or 18 they would not have three to five years of experience behind the wheel. Also, why would you want someone to start driving as soon as they can legally drink? Most 21 year olds are in college and probably go to parties. What if they are inexperienced and decide to be stupid and get behind the wheel after they have had a few drinks? At least a majority of the time, when a teen starts driving they have supervision.

  • NO It should not be raised

    No, the driving age should not be raised to 21. The reasoning for this is very simple. In almost everywhere in the country they offer driving classes for teens to take. This tells how there are educated people teaching teens the knowledge of the road so they can drive safely.

  • No i do not think the driving age should rise to 21

    Because, teens need there freedom. Its a good thing to earn. If your a responsible teen, then there is nothing to stop you from moving to the next step of your life. Teens have the right to have so independent times. It wouldn't change anything for teens if they drive at the age 16, and it takes time to get your full licence.

  • It is not necessary

    The majority of road accidents aren't even caused by teens/ young adults. Study shows that they only account for 11%of road accidents in Australia. This means the other 89% are older drivers. The ones that are criticizing young people when they are the ones who should be responsible enough to be mature on the roads. No matter what age, if someone is driving for the first time, they're going to make some mistakes. Its all a part of the learning experience. You cannot succeed without first failing.

  • Driving at a young age helps many people and families.

    Driving at a young age helps many people and families. Overall due to this, I strongly disagree with raising the age to 21! At the age of 16, people are mostly developed young adults and fully adults at the age of 18! So don't even increase! Decrease if possible! The End

  • Responsibility is the key

    I am 18 and I live in nj and me and all my friends have licenses. Our teachers are proud that we have taken responsibility at a young age and it is good for our future. So even with power comes great responsibility even at a young age responsibility is the key.

  • Kids need freedom

    I believe that kids should be able to have a little bit of free dumb and letting them drive is trust the parents aren't going to college with them they need a way to get home for the weekend and by the time they are 21 they might be almost done with college and they don't want there parents coming to there school when they have the responsibility to do it. Also if they change it to 21 you will have no responsibility because in California you must be 21 to buy beer so i would be like saying go a head and put your self at risk and thatis why they should keep it at 16 and older.

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Quan says2013-06-03T19:31:41.660
I'm actually not convinced a hardwired age restriction is all that useful here. I believe anyone of any age who can demonstrate competent driving skills should be able to drive.
SorryNotSorry says2013-06-05T13:33:05.160
I also agree with you Quan
imthedebate says2013-07-08T21:27:36.030
Me too
Anonymous says2013-08-06T17:48:45.280
In South Africa the age is 18, but many of them cause accidents because they think they are so mature so they drink then drive and cause accidents. The truth is that that are not full matured until 21. Also, I say no, because people at the age of 19-21 need to go places when they study they need to get from place to place. So I have a 2 sided opinion.
ryanthemando says2015-03-11T13:57:46.393
Yes that is true quan i agree
its_mebrea says2016-02-11T19:09:38.730
Driving at 16 is not an early age to drive because some teens start learning when they are 14 or younger. In some states it is legal to drive at the age 15 or younger. Everywhere in the world lawmakers are trying to the driving age to 18. In Europe the driving age is 18 so they are trying to raise it up to 21. There is driving school were students could attend to and they can learn how to drive and have better skills at driving. That could help to prevent many accidents from occurring. When the teen is going to drive they should only drive for good reasons and now just to drive to ride with friends or just go ridding around by themselves. They should use it for jobs, school or for an emergency.

Teens need to drive as much as anyone else to get to school and work or sports, band practice. Some of them can become responsible and caring for what they do and have. They sometimes need a car to get o school or get to a place they really need to be. Teens should be able to drive because its not always teens that cause accidents. There are some adults that causes them because they are drunk or high or they are just not paying attention to the road and where they are going.Teens are influenced by their parents and they do what they see their parents do.

It is true that the risk of crashing is higher for the 16-21 age group the any other. This is the main reason a lot of people way to have the driving age raised. They think that when these teens are a little older their risk crashing will decrease. And that will make the roads safer for all. If the driving age is raised the only thing that will change is the age group of the drivers. A good idea would be to increase the amount of time a teen needs a permit for in order to get more experience before actually getting drivers license.

At first look it seems like a really good idea to have the age raised to 21 but it is not as it seems. About forty percent of american teen deaths are from crashes making them a major concern for parents and teens alike. Raising the driving age wont fix this and could actually probably make things worse by giving teens more freedom at once because at 21 it is legal to drink so more teens will be drinking and driving/

My opinion would be thatt you can drive at the age 16 and older. Before starting to drive the teen should get their license then they should think to their self for a long period of time and ask themselves if they are ready and if they are going to responsible. I've seen teens that drive at the age 13 or 14 years old for their parents because their parents are drunk or high. I think that the parent should not drink and care more about their kids because they don't want their kids following theirs footsteps and end up getting killed. And the very last thing the kid needs to see is that their parents are okay with it. This is my opinion on should the driving age be raised to 21.

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