• Changing the driving age is like changing someone's whole life. So yes I do believe it should stay the same.

    You wouldn't be too happy with a driving age change if you was 16 now would you? I would with no doubt bet you you would be furious. So let's take a few examples and apply them to this debate... Example 1: You have a job, school, and take care of your parents, how could you do all these responsibilities without transportation or a license? You couldn't. You can not ever rely on others, some will fail you but others might not. Example 2: You're at home watching your siblings and one of them gets injured no parent is home or is reachable, how do you take care of the problem? Two choices, grab the keys take the car and drive to the hospital or let your sibling suffer pain and if really severe, maybe even bleed to death. This is of course referring to 16-17 year olds. I'm 17 I have more experience in the driving field than my parents do, I'm much safer, and very cautious. Not all teens are bad drivers, they just have bad judgement and life threatening decisions. I know right from wrong, I was raised in a good home and I can tell you right now how wrong every one of you are. Yes there are idiots young and old that wreck or drive with no knowledge but you can't take away someone's pride for you foolish thoughts. Just think of how much freedom, independence, responsibility, happiness, and harmony you will be taking away.

  • No more changes

    Its not fair because kids have been driving at 16 for decades. It would make kids that are 14 or 15 upset because they would have to wait
    longer. Why change it, which that will cause 16 year old kids to lose their jobs. It might even still cause them to get into accidents because they don't get to get use of driving at a younger age.

  • The Domino Effect

    The majority of teenage driving accidents are caused by either inexperience or how someone is taught to drive, proving that no matter the age, when you are first learning to drive you’re more prone to cause or be involved in accidents.How responsible or mature you are isn't based on your age because while there are irresponsible 16 year olds there are also irresponsible 18 year olds, 21 year olds, 50 year olds, etc. But does that mean that we should punish the responsible ones and make them take the fall. Moving the driving age up two years would cause more problems than it would fix. There are many easy solutions to a temporary problem, however changing the driving age is the equivalent of starting the entire process over and in a couple of years the problems come again.

  • I think the legal driving age should not be changed.

    If someone gets into an accident and they are under eighteen, why are you going to blame the age they started driving at? I know that every one of you that are saying it should be raised have been in accident before. So basically you are saying that if someone who is younger than you and just got there license gets into an accident, you would feel more secure if you made it to where every person under the driving age would have to wait longer to acquire a privilege that you acquired when you where the age of the driving limit. All of you who think it should be raised don't have to worry about not being able to drive for another two years, you already have a license, a car, (Probably a, stated like Jeff Dunham, Pretty BLU-EW Prius. And yes I typed it that way to provide emphasis.) and even a nice large insurance policy to cover it. What would you say if you were about to turn sixteen and hadn't gotten you license yet.

  • The legal driving age should stay the same.

    The legal age needs to stay the same is because it's not the age it's the person behind the wheel. If that teen didn't get the full experience it needed then there is where the accident will occur. You can't judge the age you have to judge because even adults have problems with driving.

  • It's not age, its experience that matters.

    Inexperience is the main cause of car wrecks for teens.
    If we change the minimum age to eighteen, they will have just the same amount of experience, (Learning for approximately a year and a half before license) age plays no factor into this.
    Yes, there can be others such as media distractions, peer passenger distractions etc.
    But most of the time, a sixteen year old could have just as much discernment as an eighteen year old. There will, of course, be irresponsible sixteen year olds, but there will also always be irresponsible eighteen year olds too.
    So the question is not "how old are you?", its "how responsible are you?".

  • Give them a chance

    Just because a lot of teens get into crashes doesn’t mean we need to take away their privileges that they have been waiting for years to have.

    It doesn’t matter how high you higher the driving age, people will still be curious about driving just like teens are. If the driving age was put higher, then they would get more curiosity about driving.

  • It's been this way since the 1920's

    Why change something that we've had for years? Most teens get job's at sixteen, so if we changed the law we would be taking away a big part of the workforce. When you're 16 your mind is very moldable, so we need to hammer in good driving skills. Also, it's not a higher age limit we need, its more laws on good driving etiquette !!

  • Yes, the legal driving age should stay the same

    I don't think you would find anyone who would want to lower the driving age. Raising the driving age would also be unfair to people already driving. They could already be grandfathered in of course but in that case it would be a couple of years before new driving laws could even take place. It just seems like to much effort for no substantial reward.

  • It makes it fair for all

    All states should have the same driving age due to the fact that its fair for all 18 year olds who are going for their license. It would also mean that maybe less P Platers would crash their cars. It would also make it less confusing for every state about the road traffic rules if they were also the same.

  • No the age needs to increase

    We should raise the legal driving age up to 18. There are too many accidents that take place involving minors. I think more education is needed and a more mature driver. I think a permit should be granted at the age of 16 and after 2 years of learning you get your license at 18.

  • No,the legal driving age should not stay the same.

    There are several reasons why the legal driving should be changed.The first reason is that many teenagers are very immature and should be given more time before they are allowed driving privileges.There also liability issues to consider so if the driver is of age then the parents will no longer be responsible.

  • No, I think it can be moved up.

    I think that in today's society, that it would be beneficial to move the driving age to 18 or even 21. Many teens are still very irresponsible and are the cause more so than older people of many accidents. Teenagers shouldn't be placed in a position to take someone's lives in their hands before they are even old enough to smoke or drink.

  • 16 is a fine minimum age, but maybe we need to set an upper age for driving

    Setting an exact maximum age to lose driving privileges would be cruel. Some people maintain great driving abilities into their 90's. Perhaps though, people over 65 should have to retake their driving exam every 10 years. This would help insure the safety of all on the road, from over-aged drivers, who are too proud to not get behind the wheel of a 4-wheel killing machine!

  • No, we need to increase both education and the legal driving age.

    From their lack of proper driving safety education, something that schools should teach that would actually be helpful to students, to texting while driving to driving drunk, teens are not ready for the responsibility that comes with getting behind the wheel. Teens should not be able to drive until they are 18.

  • Change to 18

    The age should be increased to 18, I did receive my license at 16 but at the time I was also in drivers education so I was able to get it as soon as I was 16. However, Just because I was educated and literally went to school for how to be a responsible driver that didn't stop my from getting into a crash, Due to a minor who was not paying attention and was also the same age as I had rear ended me causing my car to be totaled. I wasn't the only one who was hit in my home town that year by a minor, Several minors at my school have gotten their license and constantly peel out of the school parking lot like bats out of hell. It should raise because the big majority cannot simply drive because they are too immature.

  • Accidents on the road

    I was driving with my 82 year old grandparents and some 16 year old that's only been driving for 2 months was going way over the 30 mph speed limit and didnt stop at her stop sign when I didn't have one and came slamming into me totaling my brand new car giving me a huge cut and bruise on my arm, Whiplash, And a minor concussion and giving the passenger whiplash, And a minor concussion. Thankfully those were the worst of the injuries but this 16 year old that just got her license could have killed 2 24 year olds and 2 82 year olds all because she doesn't know how to drive. CHANGE THE DRIVING AGE, ITS NOT SAFE TO DRIVE WITH THOSE DAMN TEENAGERS OUT THERE

  • We should change the age limit

    The age limit must be at 18 or above. To many teens have been injured on roads because of immaturity and speeding. 15 percent of happen to teens below 18 years. This must stop now! We can’t have more teens dieing on road. This is why the government should change the age limit.

  • Your time will come

    SO, it's only a few more years. Everybody says not to change, but what if you are the driver who gets killed? Everybody says it will never happen to them until it does. What if its not you that makes a mistake, what if it is the person next to you?

  • Teens have the highest crash rate.

    According to the DMV, most of teen crashes are due to unsafe speeding. Also, as a teen, I see many teens doing things they shouldn't be doing. Teens also give into peer pressure, and with passengers around the same age that increases their risk of a fatal injury crash by 3.6 times then when driving alone. Also according to the Center for Disease Control Prevention, 2,333 teens in 2015 U.S.A were killed due to motor vehicle accidents.

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