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  • Yes kill me

    Yes please kill me because i want to die and i cannot strive next to retards that play MINECRAFT and think that fortnite is dead they're so gay and retarded they should just die along with me and we can all go to hell motherfuckers dsfaadsf afdd fsd afs dfs

  • Because they are just dumb

    The new generation has it so easy compared to when I was there age. I had to hunt for my own food at the age of one. I had to cook it on the fire outside the cabin that I built with my two own hands. They don't even have to ask for food and they get it. Not fair.

  • I don't actually think that killing is right

    This idiot who does is a frickin idoit and deserves to be a generation that does die. (in a hole preferably). Breaking neck. H hk kkdd i liek big chungus and he is s gucci meem yu should alsp lik big chugux k k k k k k k k

  • Yes pwease muwdew

    I cwave the sweet wewease of death uw wuw wuwwuuwuwuw w wu wuw wu wuw uw wu wuw uw wuw wuw wuw uwuwu wuwuwu wuwuuwwuuwuw u ww uuwu w uwu wu wu wu wu u wu wu wu wu weuw uwu wu wu wu uw uwuw uwuw wu u uw

  • Yes because logic

    A aa a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a b b b b b bb b b bb b b c c c c c c c cc c c c c c c c d dd d d d

  • Unumjnnunj bnhn unu

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  • Yes. The new generation should just die to pave a way to a much better generation.

    To clarify, This opinion does address the practical consequences if death of this generation does occur in real life. This merely will provide some insights.

    This new (current) generation isn't the best in history. Our best people have died, Mostly during the world wars. For example, Pure and intelligent Germans have died during the Nazi Era. They were geniuses like the German scientist who discovered the atom bomb and like Einstein who was a german. Unfortunately, They all died. Today's Germans are nothing compared to the original Germans. The Germans of today are mostly a product of the rapes committed by the Russians when they were invading Germany.

  • Are you fucking kidding me

    The premises of this argument are laughable. Humans have always been stupid. Look in any history book and you will see this is true. People in medieval times used to think that witches were real, And that the way you can determine if a woman was a witch was whether or not she floated. People in the Victorian era used to think that showing your ankle was a great sin. People a few decades ago thought that Homosexuality was a mental illness. Committing mass genocide will solve absolutely nothing. Even if it could solve something, It still wouldn't be worth it. Just because somebody is stupid or has it easier than others doesn't mean they deserve to die or that killing them wouldn't be an evil action. You are doing extreme harm to an unimaginably large amount of people. That is evil, No ifs, Ands, Or buts about it.

    Also, Have you ever considered that your generation is also stupid, And also had it easier than previous generations? Doesn't that mean that you and your peers should die as well, If your logic is correct?

  • The new generation isn't stoopid.

    Wee downt use big dumn werds just to sownd smartypants cos we r veree legit $ecure abowt our ohpinyons. U carnt $top us fronn saeyin our fings. We downt cair abowt de thacts. We cair abowt de feelings. U peeps downt even no whow to thext or senf a insta. U man r dumn.
    We r legend. #privileges

  • What is having a genocide of the new generation going to solve?

    Nothing good is going to happen if the whole of the new generation of children are wiped off the planet. Children are going to be the future at some point and if all of them are killed, Who is going to help keep the human race alive and functioning?
    Children should be taught the necessary things that will help advance society and bring new ideas that will revolutionise the world. Resorting to genocide is definitely not the answer.

    Posted by: CDC
  • Let's get rid of baby-boomers instead

    New generations are saving the world, We're the ones who are doing the work to make the world better. And then we have baby boomers who had everything handed to them, And they're just a bunch of self entitled pricks. They cause all of our problems, They control the government, They cause wars over oil, They think they're the only important people and that they can tell others what to do. What have baby boomers done to fix climate change? Nothing. They don't even f***ing recycle. They're the ones who are damaging the world. Let's get rid of them instead.

  • No Because my niece is chill af

    My niece was born last week and shes chill af. Her head is big with a big brain and she's pretty well behaved for a weekish old. Im thinking because dolphins also have huge brains she will be able to speak dolphin. In like 20 years that kid is going to listen to peoples problems and just repeat their problems back at them so they get a new perspective.

    In conclusion, My niece is going is be chill af and like seafood.

  • Really? Are you For real?

    I mean come on man I AM part of the new generation and I don't want to die at all I love my life WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY a whole new world for us even my grandparents agree technology is great BRUH almost everybody loves it! IT'S TECH NO LOGY o. K?

  • Is this a joke post?

    Can you honestly say that you didn't do stupid stuff as a kid? Everyone did. Every generation has children that are curious and sometimes misbehaved. This one's stupidity is no different than others, But they have a bigger platform to make any embarrassing behavior live and viewable by the rest of the world. This is very prevalent on apps like TikTok and YouTube.

  • First of all, The question is absurd.

    Second of all, This isn't the generations fault for doing what they are doing. Other factors are included in the result of their actions. Irresponsible parenting, Like for example, Exposing the kids to media at an improper age. Their minds are too young to understand things like this (like what should be posted on the internet, Whether to annoy strangers online by sending them constant messages stating literally anything). They automatically get attached to it, Playing games for hours, Finding out about Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram. . . Sending random links of any YouTube Video they find (like "This things you should do to. . . " "Top 10 signs you are a genius if you do this" "You will get completely shocked by this video" "98% fail". . . And eventually discovering porn. Their taste in things like music, Movies and life style, Gets driven by other people, Not themselves.

    And their mental instability is the result of their parents' irresponsibility. Each generation molds the other generation. Just like a father and a mother teaching their son why stealing is wrong. And in caring and teaching, This generation of parents have failed badly.

  • Just because they're dumb doesn't make them irredeemable.

    I am a teenager. I AM the next generation. We've got plenty of problems, But they're more the fault of how past generations shaped the world. A major problem is media.
    What we, The next generation, Consume entertainment-wise, Whether it's a RPG video game or some dubbed/subbed anime, They're different from the past. Any kid's TV show today is just about as cringeworthy as your grandpa in a speedo. Mr. Roger's Neighbourhood, Something most of you might not know of, Was a kid's show that actually focused ON LEARNING not some dumb song or hashed plot line.
    If we consumed media differently, There would be a totally different aesthetic for the next generation. So no, We shouldn't just wipe them out.

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