Should the protection of environment be prioritized over the economic development?

  • We got this

    In the western, Developed countries - yes. We need to give up some of our wealth to save the planet. In the developing countries, No. We should help them grow more sustainably than we did, But we cannot blame them for wanting the same basic necessities we have in our countries.

  • "If we destroy the environment, The environment will destroy us"

    What is the environment? It is the land we live in, The air we breathe, The water we drink, The food derived from animals and plants that we eat. The environment is our shelter. A shelter is meant to stay in good condition, Protected, To prevent consequences happening to those living in the shelter. If our environment is not in a good state, Neither will we be. Moreover, There is a time limit for the environment due to global warming, The economy does not. The well-being of a nation can not be present, The population can not grow if there is no earth to live on to do so.

  • No i think not

    So environmental protection versus a good economy, But if the economy goes bad then it can harm the environment because a bigger ecological footprint, Burning coal, More chaos and disorder not protecting habitats and species, Blackouts so people living everywhere where nature environments are supposed to be, Famine & pestilence, Etc.

  • The Economy improves human conditions.

    Although I do agree taking care of the environment and climate is extremely important, Economic growth is even more so. First, When the economy grows, More people get jobs and standards of living rise, Thereby improving the lives of people. Second, It allows this country to be a superpower, And to improve the lives of those outside the state with foreign aid. The environment is important, But even more so are citizens.

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