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  • Payment of royal wedding should be stopped.

    Most people would have noticed that Harry looks nothing like Charles but looks the double of James Hewitt who Diana was having an affair with. James Hewitt and even his manager say that it was a few years before Harry was born. James Hewitt himself calls it an "Inconvenient truth." Harry and William look very odd looking brothers. One has blonde hair one has red hair. One is going completely bald the other is not. It's not the tax payer who should be paying for the unelected Winsdors wedding it's James Hewitt..........

  • Yes ,the royal family should be abolished.

    The royal family are a waste of money, live in palaces while others starve simply because they are born blue blooded, and are needlessly worshiped by a adoring public, who should be focusing on matters that affect them instead. Besides, who cares about two young people getting married. We should

  • The real monarchy

    Have any of you seen a program show a few years ago called: THE REAL MONARCHY? It was shown on channel 4 and Hosted by actor/ presenter Tony Robinson(Republic get in touch with him.) The evidence which was proven was that Edward the 4th was proven to be the illegitimate son of an archer while the king was out of the country for 11 months. The Windsors claim to the throne was that they were related to Edward the 4th which makes the Windsors a bogus bloodline. The real bloodline was The family called the Hastings. Now all monarchies are nonsense but to have a bogus one...............

  • Royalty invented inequality

    In order for royalty to excist slaves and peasents are needed for them to be able to maintain their ilusional power and meaning. Inequality needed for their excistence is a disgrace for british nation. I am a tourist and I can say that coming to see youe reamins of your history makes me feel like crying. Humiliation, greed an inequality that british people are facing on daily bases should come to an end. I have never seen such poor living conditions, not much better than victorian slums. One of the most developed countries where people are so damag d and humiliated; boy that hurts, this is scary.. You deserve better!!

  • The Queen has a big role.

    The queen is the mother figure of England. They are not a waste of money because they help many charities. Also, the Royal Family have the final say to legalise a law. Furthermore, you should be grateful that the queen doesn't execute people like back then. The queen of England is now the longest reining monarch of England and i'm proud to be British.

  • Yes total waste of money

    I feel once the queen dies there should be a referendum to abolish the royal family.They are a total waste of money and hypocritical they change the rules to suit them self’s the younger royals like William and Harry are celebrities and their wife’s girlfriends etc are no more royal than you and I let us choose our own head of state instead of having a unelected head of state GET RID !!

  • Expensive waste of money

    Totally unwarranted expense on the tax payers who can barely support themselves. The only reason their still here is to keep the class system alive and well. People say they bring wealth to the U.K. but it’s the history that does that not the current incumbents, who the majority of tourists never actually see.
    Vote for a Republic where we can all have pride in our country. Even our national anthem ( not actually legally recognised) is all about the queen, not our country.
    Certain people have a vested interest in keeping the class structure in place, hence Brexit. When will we be a true democracy and have a vote on becoming a Republic. How many people realise that in order for an MP to sit in the House of Commons, they all have to swear allegiance to the ruling monarch, despite half of them wanting a Republic. How is that democratic, it’s a disgrace that in the twenty first century, will still have an unelected ruling class that makes me a subject of hers and not a citizen of my country.

    Posted by: GJG
  • Here to rant

    I’m not here to back the socialists or the commies, or that of the feminists stating that there is clear sexist discrimination. I just feel that there is a lack of requirement for the royal family today in Britain.
    We are spending 370million quid on refurbishing the palace while nhs is on its knees.
    We send our troops to foreign lands with lies and the queen stays silent on he matter, brexit? She was nowhere to be seen.
    Apart from tourism what is the royal family’s purpose in today’s world.
    If they does have political powers, I have not seen any and if someone says... Well she needs to begin the next government after general election. Tbf, that’s utter bollocks

  • We don't need unelected figure heads.

    The unelected Winsdors are not interested in anyone but themselves. All they care and want is that life style. A life style were they don't have to do anything for themselves. As for PR for the country they have embarrassed the country many many times. Remember the racist remark Phil the Greek said when he was touring China? As for European culture demands it- Most European countries have abolished their unelected monarchy. Duh!

  • Referendum is neeeded.

    In 1946 Italy had a referendum on the monarchy and they voted to get rid of them. In 1974 Greece had a referendum on the monarchy and also voted to get rid of them. The UK has still not been allowed to have a referendum on the unelected monarchy. One day the UK will be allowed a referendum and then............

  • It’s a tradition

    We’ve had a monarchy since 1066 and even before, Yes we did get rid of it for a short period but it failed. The monarchy actually makes a profit for this country so it’s a great asset. Anyone who is against them should be convicted for treason! It’s a crime!

  • More money brought in

    The monarchy brings lots of money to the United Kingdom as people travel from all over the world to see Buckingham palace and the queen but if their is no queen all that money would be lost. We need the money for things like the NHS and stuff like that

  • Historical Values UK

    We are built on millenniums of historical values. Why scrap these values just because you don't like them. What would we have in their place? A few tracksuit clad individuals with a pit bull and 40 fags? The royal family represent all of what's good with the united Kingdom. The Queen has served this country for so many years, during war time too and has set an example for us all, especially being a woman too! The Royal family should remain and continue creating historical moments for as long as possible.

  • We must keep the royal family!

    Throughout history there have always been king and/or Queens so why should we get rid of them now,they have always been there and they should stay. One of Britan's main tourist attractions is the palace and the royal family;if we “abolish” the royal family the Britan will lost one of it's main tourist attraction and thus lose lots of money.

  • We should have a royal family

    We should have a royal family because they respect the public and try to do their best.Harry went to Manchester to respect the people.He was also in the army for some time.So he deserves it they don’t just sit down all day.What about all the charities that are benefiting from the Ducches of Sussex we should have a royal family

  • The royal family are a bunch of outdated leeches costing Britain dearly in money that could be put to better use.

    No one really cares about this royal wedding, least of all it’s own citizens. I respect the Queen, however the rest of the royals I find lacking. I think it would be best for Britain to brexit with the human hood ornament called the British monarchy. Just my £.02. By the way, Scotland messed up by not leaving the UK as well.

  • Why on earth would we want to get rid of the UK's biggest USPs?

    Talk to any visitor why they are here - be they American, Chinese, Australian or Japanese - almost all of them are here to see vestiges of our USP (a working constitutional monarchy). They are here because of our unique society, change it to the bland sameness of any other republic and the magic is gone. How much net positive revenue can that equate to = BILLIONS (despite all the claims to the contrary - the royal households do put a lot of money back into the government coffers). Call it pompous or a burden if you like but getting rid of the royal family would surely be killing the UKs golden goose!

  • What's Wrong With It?

    What's wrong with the royal family? There just lucky ordinary people, just like you, if you can read this note. There not affecting you. If they are in a bad way then they should be done with, but if not just leave them be. William and Kate are almost normal people anyway.

  • I dont believe they are necessary

    I believe we should keep the palace for tourisim
    As you never see a royal face to face anyway
    They may bring in alot of money but they also cost alot
    We can significantly reduce their allowances why do they need thousands/millions to live their just people like us. Any one can do their job, if they were birthed into or married into that family.

  • Double standard due to blood

    Normal people do charity work and don't get paid, normal people join the military to fight for there country, using these things as an excuse for value or nobility is vile, normal people get jobs and pay their own way (and for these creatures).
    They should be sent to the welfare line and made to live on what a scrounging fkhole deserves, could they manage, who cares? They don't, they spit on your way of life because of an entitlement, they don't care about equality or helping people, they just want to keep up the facade so we don't all revolt.... Heil Elizabeth?

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