Should the united states have a draft for military service

  • We already do

    The United States already has a draft. All citizens must sign up for it when they turn 18. While it has not been used probably since Vietnam it still could be put into effect at any time. It is only necessary if we end up in a war with a major power and loose a bunch of troops. Any imitate conflict even one with Russia likely would not require it.

  • Kids these days need to learn respect! 1!

    We need to draft everyone 16 to 26 years old to teach them some respect! A few years in a war will teach these kids that there is more to life then just Fortnite and video games! These entitled millennials will finally realize how good they have it and stop whining about how we need communism! Lets see how they like communism after they almost get killed by it XD

  • Pretty sure it's 100% unconstitutional as the founders intended to force a person fight and / or kill another person(s) against their will. . . .

    IMO, A conscripted military is one of the telltale signs of a dictatorial, Authoritarian state.

    Believe it or not, Sometimes wars are orchestrated between nations for the benefit of a shadowy minority.

    People should not be forced to fight and potentially die in false flag orchestrated wars to fulfill some sociopathic agenda and / or a banker's balance sheet.

  • Imagine if the typical high schooler got drafted

    You better hope it's a virtual war, Cause these kids don't know how to do anything other than play video games. Ender's Game? Yeah - they'll beat the aliens. Apocalypse Now? Hell no - they don't know how to work rotary dial phones. Clash of Turbans? Maybe - is it first person or scrolling?

  • What would happen

    I think we would see something like the great depression and maybe that's why we don't right now but if we did there would be not as many workers which mean not as many buyer and sellers which would bring us what I think another great depression so I think we shouldent

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