Should the United States Increase Military Spending?

Asked by: HolySmokes
  • America Protects the Free World.

    America is in many ways the soul protector of the free world. Without it, Many countries around the world would be plunged into chaos. America needs to spread its influence throughout the world, And remain a dominant power for as long as possible. America must continue protecting the freedom of those across the world.

  • Jesus aye christ mon. . .

    They already get over half of the entire facking US budget just to deal with third world threats, How much more could they possibly need -_-

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  • Wasted money you will never get back

    Ever heard of the military industrial complex? Huge contracts to make mediocre things with subpar quality.
    You would think that it goes into maintaining soldiers and expanding R&D but it disappears into the pockets of the few.
    We are using old outdated and obsolete technology. Sure you might hear about new bullet proof armor but they are too cheap to pay that much and would rather use old tech. Old tanks and old tanks and windows XP

    My money is that Russia will take us out. That or the market crashes. Nations are ditching the dollar and they would rather bank on other currencies. Gas pipes are bursting from age and water systems are leching lead. There is no aid and no safety net. We are trillions in debt. And china has our bonds. I have a plane and I know German and Russian.
    So you believe in whatever fairy tails like uncle sam and Santa, While I have passport ready to go.

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