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  • Yea it should be

    I think it should be because if it was me, I would copy what my parents' choice is and copy them. The thing is if I copy what my parents choose, There's absolutely no point in voting that young because they don't even know what their laws are and whatever.

  • You can't vote responsibly if you can't drink responsibly

    I think since the drinking age is 21, We should raise the voting age to 21. Minors are too dumb to vote. 18-20 year olds just copy their parents. They have no real world experience. In fact I'd be fine if the voting age was increased even higher, To 25. Only natural born citizens with at least 5 years of work experience should be allowed to vote, And they must pass a 20-question political exam before every election.

  • Oh the times they are a changing.

    People today take longer to become adults. Just look around, Kid’s on college campuses screaming like children, Kid’s can now stay on a parents insurance until age 26 if the parents so choose. Less teens than ever before are working, And this PC culture my generation had grown up in, Has left (in my opinion) a lasting impact on it’s constituents. All this in mind, I do believe raising the legal voting age to 21 is a fabulous idea. And besides, Hardly anyone between the ages of 18 to 25 votes votes anyways! More informed voters, More accountable citizens, That is what we need more of, Not some 19 year-old fresh-off the boat hippie liberal deciding where this country is headed.

  • No taxation without representation.

    This is one of America'f founding principles, And yet you want to increase the voting age. There are 12 year olds leagaly working in agriculture who won't get to vote for another six years. America needs to wake up to this. Either raise the legal working age or lower the legal voting age. Also, It doesn't matter whether or not you like how younger people vote, We are a democracy, And raising the legal voting age would make young tax payers excluded from decisions that directly affect them.

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