• Yes, There Should be Speed Limits

    Speed limits stop people from driving at 120 miles per hours on the open road, "just for fun." What if someone was DUI, driving under the influence. Someone could get seriously hurt. You cannot just think about the safety of yourself, or just one person. You need to think about the safety of other people out there.

  • People who are new to driving

    People who just started driving so if there are no speed limits then new drivers will start crashing which leads to crashes which leads to death then causes pain to loved ones which drops the count people so there would be more deaths then babies which would be very sad the end

  • It reduces the cause of accidents

    Speed limits help alot and the most important part is that they help to save every human being and it also reduces cause of accidents people also need to think about every one not just them selves think of the little ones that die every day because of accidents Imagine if that was your loved one

  • Of course there should be a speed limit

    Yes absolutely there should be speed limit because without it more fatal accidents will happen killing a lot of people. Also, if your late you should not blame it on the speed limit you should be responsible and leave your house early. I believe that people are not that responsible so they need speed limit to make them more secure.

  • Yes, humans can't behave properly without bloated bureaucracies and tight Government regulations and controls.

    If there were no speed limits, people like me would drive as fast as my car would go just for the entertainment of it (i.E. 120 miles an hour). In fact, if speed limits were eliminated, I would have legitimate a reason to buy a faster car that could go 200 miles an hour (because I can afford to). I need big brother watching me 24/7 to keep me under control and save me from myself. Furthermore, speed limits are a great way for Police (and government) to tax the snot out of the population if Government coffers become too empty (all in the noble cause of public safety). It also provides desperately needed busywork and justification for large bloated armies of overpaid law enforcement officers, judges, lawyers and government workers (pumping out paperwork and golden pension plan packages).

  • Only recommended speed limits

    Hold people responsible for the results of their actions, not a potential hazard. If a person causes an accident by driving faster than their skill can support, then punish them for the result of actions.

    There are many methods to slow down traffic without using the force of law. The easiest method is to reduce lane width. These smaller lanes reduce the speed of traffic, not law needed.

  • There should not be a speed limit.

    There should not be a speed limit because if you curfew is 9 and its 8:55 you need to go fast and make it home on time. Also if you Have to go to work and you might be late so you have to go fast so you make it on time.

  • Of course there should be a speed limit

    Yes absoulutely there should be speed limits because if we don't theres going to be more wrecks due to people rushing. On the opposing side they say ''if its 8:55 and your curfews at 9 you need time to get home'' well its the responsibility of the person to leave at a time they know they will get home before curfew if they leave at 8:55 and don't get home at there curfew then thats on them and as for leave at a specific so you know you will get there on time.

  • No speed limit

    I think speed limits pressure people to much. That’s why crashes happen as often as they right now. If their was no speed limit people wouldn’t be as pressured as it is with speed limits. No speed limits means less crashes and deaths on the road. Less deaths means a better earth

  • Speed limits are dumb.

    The reason they have speed limits is so that people get bored. What if the person in the back is speeding? Then the person following the speed would get hit. Instead, Of speed limits, People should only be punished for crashing if it’s a major accident. And if people are in a hurry, They can get in trouble for not getting to work on time because they followed the speed limit.

  • Germany is evidence that a speed-limit free system works.

    As a German, I subscribe to the view that the government doesn't "know best" when it comes to determining the speed at which I travel by car (as an extension to that, I don't think government knows anything better). As it stands, Germany has one of the lowest casualty rates on motorways in Europe.

    There is no good reason for implementing any sort of speed limit safe for a desire to control the people and micro-manage their lives. Substantially different speeds on roads raise alertness, Since you must always expect another driver to pass you at a much higher speed, Making changing lanes an act that requires individual drivers to be much more conscious of their surroundings. Therefore, It is not as tranquilising as travelling at the same speed for hundreds of kilometres in other countries.
    Additionally, Police have time to investigate actual crime and not petty speed offences without any victims. Consequently, By being able to travel at higher speeds which require better education and practice, New drivers are more skilled and knowledgeable at handling their cars.

    An argument I haven't heard mentioned so far but which I believe might require some investigation is that, In the absence of speed limits and people able to go faster, Emergency services can go faster as well. No-one must fear accidentally getting caught by a speed trap when speeding up to pass a lorry in order to let an ambulance pass, And traffic may flow faster in general. Thus, No speed limits have the potential to save lives.

    In closing, People are best off without lots of regulations everywhere, Be it on guns, Speed limits, Or other controversial subjects. If you believe that humans can't make such decisions such as choosing their speed freely or carry a gun, What makes you believe that humans running the bureaucracy are any better at it? Small government, Few regulations - anyone wanting to go slow can go slow, Anyone who doesn't want to own a gun needn't.

  • Get rid of them

    They don't change human behavior.
    They cost taxpayers millions by creating accidents and injuries to stupid police who insist on hiding, Parking, And pulling people over in dangerous areas.
    They increase congestion.
    Cars have a wide variety of abilities and someone with a highly engineered drivetrain and $2000 tires can safely go far faster than a cheap car with bald tires.
    The existing limits are based on nothing but local politics not science. There is no appeal process to fight a low limit.
    They are used all over the country as a way to extort cash from the poor who are often just traveling to some low paying job.

  • Putting a sign up does not make a the cars or traffic speed go slower.

    People who drive fast just for fun are doing so because they love driving and they have cars that can handle that speed and most a capable drivers. Cars will drive at the speed of traffic which will always be as fast as the majority is willing to go so if you don't like it stay in the right lane. Also there is no evidence that speed limits decrease accidents.

  • They are unnecessary

    Studies have shown that people who speed often are more aware of their surroundings and better drivers. We would all be better without distractions like cell phones plus we would be able to cut down so much on travel times but if we are going to take away limits we need better roads

  • We shouldn't have speed limits.

    Believe it or not. Speed limits can be dangerous. We spend a lot of time looking at our speedometer to make sure we're not going over the limit instead of paying attention to the road. That's very dangerous. Even a couple seconds of keeping yours eyes off the road can be dangerous. Also, there have been studies that show that speed does not at all effect the amount of wrecks. Look at the autobahn in Germany for example. It doesn't have a speed limit but it doesn't have a history for wrecks either. It has been classified as one of the safest roads in the world because it hasn't had but a few wrecks and 0 of the, were because of speed.

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TGK300 says2018-08-23T12:02:05.173
Speed limits should be gotten rid off. They are so frustrating and unessasary. Your speed should depend on your car, Driving ability and confidence.

I also believe that insurance should be optional and if you choose to have it, Have a cheaper quote.

This is how the speed structure should work for UK motorways.

Lane 1; 0-70 mph (lorries, Women as they can’t drive anyway)

Lane 2; 71-99 mph (Male learner drivers, Not women, They can get back to the kitchen)

Lane 3; 100+ mph (real grownups)

I am not a troll this are my honest opinions.

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