Should they change the age of consent to the age of 12?

  • Abolish age of consent

    The state shouldn't be telling Men who they can have sex with. Men can decide for themselves. In a patriarchal society, One that I propagate, Men would be allowed to do whatever they want with any female they want.

    The only consent that matters is the female's owner's. If she's single, Ask her father. If she's taken, Ask her boyfriend/husband.

  • Yes consent should be changed.

    Studies show that children like older people and older people like younger people. Mess with me and my sexual desires for children. I have problems and gays get to like what they want to like and trans get to like what they want to like but I get forced to not like things I like. I hate this.

  • Consent line was arbitrarily drawn and should be re-examined.

    Throughout the vast majority of human history, Up to the mid 19th century, It was the commonly held belief that consent could be given by anyone who had at least started puberty. Around that time, Ideas around sex and consent started to shift to a more western-Christian viewpoint, Insisting that children were the property of their father, Sex was a sin, And until the father had wed off his daughter, She should be forbidden to have sex, Thus the age of consent raised dramatically. As a society, We are guilty of progressively coddling our children, Refusing to let them do things that are reasonably safe, But we feel might be dangerous, Like walking to school. We know these activities are in fact not dangerous, And that kids who are allowed to do them tend to have much better risk-assessment than children who do not.

    Here's a study backing up that claim: https://onlinelibrary. Wiley. Com/doi/abs/10. 1111/apa. 14047? SystemMessage=Wiley+Online+Library+usage+report+download+page+will+be+unavailable+on+Friday+24th+November+2017+at+21%3A00+EST+%2F+02. 00+GMT+%2F+10%3A00+SGT+%28Saturday+25th+Nov+for+SGT+&

    We as a society are coddling our offspring, Expecting them to be subservient to us until they graduate college at age 24, But that just isn't how our brains have developed our species. We are capable of functioning autonamously much, Much earlier, And should be allowed to for the sake of our own personal developement.

    To re-iterate, The question is not, "Do you want to have sex with a 12 year old". The question is, "Should a 12 year old be able to make decisions about their body. " And I will argue the answer is yes. If for no other reason, Than this. I was, Believe it or not, 12. And I know that we made those decisions whether you "allowed" us too or not. So remove the felony charge associated with it, Teach your kids about sex, And trust them to make their own decisions.

  • It ain't a teen I ain't goin'

    The younger the better. While asking for 5 years old is still too early for our society I think we could give 12 year olds a pass. On the other hand the folks at MSNBC and mr chris hansen will be losing their jobs so there's that too I guess

  • Of course a f***ing white person would be asking this

    Like ive always been saying, F**k the white race. You people need to hurry up and die already. F**k whites and arabs. Better yet f**k europeans and asians everywhere no matter what you are. F**k whites and asians. Get the f**k off this f***ing planet we don't need you. Earth for blacks and subsaharan africans only and blacks and subsaharan africans for earth only

  • No way you sick troll

    Gays and trans do not have their way. If they did then the age would be lowered. Children cannot think for themselves. You can trick them into trading you a tablet for a bad of cookies. You can literally make them do what you want. SO NO.
    I do not think you are trolling this time I think you are serious and you need to turn yourself in.

  • That's kind of thought is really evil

    Children at 12?you are crazy. They don't even know what happens or what will happen to their bodies. The most important things to children are learning natural and social knowledge, Building themselves, Not to deal with you sucks. Try to think about your own children, They need more protection than being attacked.

  • Children are not ready for that type of thing!

    Children's and young teen's bodies cannot handle that type of thing, And even if they could, Children's and young teen's minds cannot handle that type of thing. Also, Their decision-making choices are impaired. Plus, Why would you want to do that kind of thing to someone that young? Gross! It's just overall better if we leave it so that only adults can participate in these activities meant for adults.

  • Absolutely the f**k not

    Listen up pedophiles, These are f***ing CHILDREN. They aren't capable of forming their own complete decisions and opinions. They're too young and their brains are too underdeveloped. That's why they're not allowed to drive cars, Their brains aren't developed enough yet. The age of consent is 18, When people become adults. Leave it that way.

  • Its not just about legal consent

    You claim that because gays and trans get to love whomever you should be able to have sexual desires and act apon them with children, The mind of a child is not developed enough to understand the ramifications of sexuality, You want the age of consent to be when children start going through puberty, One of the most confusing and stressful times in their lifes when they don't even know what they want, You using this as an excuse to engage with them sexuality is manipulation and evil.

  • Child molesters deserve to die.

    The lifelong trauma that comes from being sexually abused as a child is a fate worse than death. When you abuse a child in that way you are creating a whole entire lonely, Terrifying universe that the child will grow up in, Live in, And eventually die in. There is no excuse for doing this to another human being. The only reason child molesters don't receive the death penalty is because making it a capitol offense would make it even harder to find a truly guilty offender as guilty.

  • This is evil

    Pedophiles don't care about children, They only care about their own sexual desires and they want to release it on innocent children.

    Do you want to live in a world where a 40-year-old is having sex with a 12-year-old child?

    Kids can't even consent to any of this and they will probably get sexually abused if shit like this happens.

  • Are you serious? No!

    I don't think you're aware of the fact that pedophiles exist. Lowering the age of consent would allow them to corrupt our innocent children for their own sexual pleasure. Besides, Think about it. Would a child consent to this by the age of 12? The answer is obviously no, And I think it should stay that way. Protect our children.

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