• I think they should have

    Although they changed the campaign's name to "A body for every body" which was very good of them, I think that "The perfect body" campaign was very misleading and unrealistic. I know that the word body was a reference to their line 'body' but it still suggests that the models have "the perfect body" even though some may disagree

  • Just because it makes the average population fit in.

    I actually absolutely agree with the two posts that voted no on this debate. In almost any situation, I would stand on the side of being practical versus sensitive. Today's society does seem to be overly sensitive about any one thing said in news or advertising. Why? Just because they can. It's that feeling of obligation this generation has and everyone has to be "nice" towards one another. People need to suck it up. Still, with all of that said, I do think that as much as photoshopped women are gorgeous, we all know that most of us are not that way. We also know that simply buying a model's outfit will not in any way make us look or really even feel better about ourselves. Or will it?

  • Yes It should have!

    I don't believe its right to have slogan's that represent the "perfect body". It is a false image of what everyday people are like on their everyday outings! People are not perfect and no body ever will! I think the real image of real women should be portrayed all over !

  • Perfect Body: Victoria's Secret sending mixed messages

    I believe Victoria's Secret should have probably thought a bit more before they put "Perfect Body" as their newest slogan. Our culture seems to be changing now with songs like "All About that Bass" being number one on the music charts, celebrating a fuller figure. American Eagle partnering with Aerie now refusing to Photoshop their models has increased sales significantly for their company. I do not think this "Perfect Body" slogan is sending out the correct messages to young women. Victoria's Secret may want to reconsider their marketing strategy.

  • Yes, I think the should of dropped that slogan

    Yes, I think that Victoria's Secret should have dropped its perfect body slogan because no one in the world has a perfect body and it makes all the chubbier girls self cautious or feel like they are unable to shop there because we don't have a perfect body and wont fit in their clothing.

  • Pussy pounder 3000

    Some men can not afford decent hookers. Instead they have to beat their meat to victoria's secret model. No man should have to jack off to some old black women with a 40 inch vag. Thats not right. Its only abuse to our pussy pounder 3000's.8=======> (l). Fuck them right in da pussies!!!!!!

  • They can do what they want

    Who are they to care if stupid and hormonal teenage girls take this too seriously and end up starving themselves to death? Clearly it is working for them from a business standpoint. People need to control themselves and stop blaming it on other people when they can't. If someone is starving themselves to loose weight or excessively dieting, there's no way to get around the fact that is their own damn fault. Blaming it on Victoria's Secret is just absurd.

  • No, Victoria's Secret should not have dropped its "Perfect Body" slogan.

    These days, it doesn't take much to upset the ever-sensitive, hyper politically correct left. It would seem that the number of parties who could potentially be offended by even the most innocuous media depiction, or even just simple statement, is constantly increasing. This situation is getting ridiculous, and if corporations have to keep on worrying themselves about a potential social media fed backlack for every move they make, don't be surprised if consumer choice suffers in the process.

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