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  • It's not exactly a physical sport, But it is a sport.

    Playing competitive video games requires as much skill as it does for baseball, Football, Basketball, Dodgeball, Golf, Tennis, And any other sport. It requires a different kind of skill but it definitely takes skill.

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  • Video Games Are Sports!

    Video games are sports, because you aren't just sitting there doing nothing. Games such as Minecraft enhances creativity and games like Clash Royale needs you to be strategic and you have to be smart of where to deploy your troops or how to defend against a troop that is hard to kill. Other gaming sets such as the Wii has activities that needs you to move around to do the action.

  • Oxford dictionary supports it.

    Oxford dictionary says:
    An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment

    Except of a word of 'physical', obviously the most of words in the definition can be fitted by video games.

    But physical efforts are needed, too. Suppose playing a FPS game. Player's arms should be trained to be moved to exact way very accurately in tiny milliseconds.

    If this argument is not accepted, you would prepare which element makes table tennis a sport.

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  • U dont do anything

    Videogames are just boring and i dont like them people who do videogames are lazy butts i really like sports they are really fun and active i know a kid at school who plays videogames a lot hes weak and can only do like 1 push up cuz he plays videgoames

  • No not a sport

    No because players compete in huge arenas cheered on by thousends of screaming fans with millions of $ in the prize at stake and they don't get any phisical exercise ecsepte for moving your fingers and it infects your exercise and al your doing is trying to get a better score

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