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Who are you?

  It all depends on who the person is. You don't hand a rifle to a mentally unstable person, don't hand a game to someone who can't handle the violence. Simple. I've ben playing games where you kill since I was 3, and i'm completely fine. It all depends on who you are.
Anonymous says2013-09-17T13:09:18.760
You dont get it do you? Just because your fine with them, you would selfishly have it that the unstable still play them? If you really were of sound mind, you would sacrifice YOUR playing of these filthy games, for the greater good. As you say yourself, some people ARE affected by playing them. Your argument is, 'I'm OK, so keep them coming'...Disgraceful.
Anonymous says2013-09-23T00:51:54.847
Who are you yourself? You're lucky you're one of the normal ones. How about those poor ones not as lucky as you are and who can easily access these games?
BasicLogic says2014-04-11T05:54:09.167
1st ANO guy. That's like saying vaccines should be banned since they have a 1/1000000 chance of harming you
GalaxyLeviathan says2015-05-26T16:16:39.887
Basiclogic u have no logic whatsoever. The reason people kill people is cuz countrys like amurica allow guns not cuz of games.
minibiz says2015-10-09T17:51:57.367
Thats like saying video games kill people or guns kill people. Games and guns dont kill people, people kill people.
smiley12 says2017-09-11T08:52:18.390
destroya says2019-11-02T10:25:14.160
destroya says2019-11-02T10:25:19.513
lolipoop says2020-02-07T07:18:52.817
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