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Of COURSE they can influence kids!!

  Anyone who says otherwise is either making money from them, playing them, or cant think straight. GTA 5 just out at midnight, kid gets stabbed on way home with it. Hope he is okay, but also hope this puts him off these types of arsehole breeding games. Incidentally, I'd be charging the creators with attempted murder also, they are directly responsible, no game, no stabbing. Sick of these companies and film makers putting out violent trash and then (whilst counting their gold) saying 'no, there's no link'. Maybe they don't see it, others do and have to live with it daily.
Anonymous says2013-09-18T08:06:47.473
Gta v is a 18 rated game how would a kid be able to buy it
Anonymous says2013-09-22T00:28:29.337
Maybe we should charge the parents of the game developers with mass murder, too. Because by giving birth to a child who then created a game, that was then found in the house of a seriously mentally ill person, they are solely responsible for the deaths of anybody the murderer killed. Seriously? It's funny how suddenly you people left from the scapegoat of violent television, now that it's not the newest thing. I guarantee you have watched violent movies or TV shows, why aren't you arguing for the ban of those either. Oh yeah, because now it's a social staple.
greenghost2008 says2013-12-18T06:41:30.397
That didn't happen.
Dave_B31 says2014-01-09T03:31:43.070
Rahsmoove says2014-01-09T16:29:21.743
Can't tell if you're trolling, or just a dumb a**
nommy231 says2014-02-28T18:45:12.100
Your the dumb a**
Kodyjohnson says2014-03-09T19:24:36.203
Hitler, Polpot, Stalin, Zadong, Aurelius, Nero, Il, Un, Hussein, Bin Laden. How many of these played violent games? 0. Yet how many did they murder? Over 1 BILLION or 1/7 of the worlds population. Or one out of every 7 people you know. OH and I dont play them, I am getting a doctorate, and I dont make money off of them. I just dont like ignorance.
BasicLogic says2014-03-31T07:08:57.373
That's retarded. Thousands, even millions have been killed for gold, silver, oil, and other commodities. Do you want to arrest nature for that? If the kid was stabbed for a 60$ book then everyone would be fine, but no, it had to be 60$ of pixels. Then you get a mad about it and say they should be banned
silva says2014-08-29T14:38:31.110
So . . . No game no stabbing . . . But what about the mother and father? If they never had sex the child would never have been born thus no stabbing. ITS THE PARENTS FAULT REPRODUCTION SHOULD BE BANNED

-_- never EVER blame a person for doing something as normal as buying a product and placing blame on the maker when the consumer is harmed
minibiz says2015-10-09T17:57:40.393
So i take it you only watch educational films and shows if you hate the violence in movies so much.
Galagion says2016-03-02T15:19:44.243
Not like there were wars before video games.
mherrig97 says2016-11-05T03:06:22.593
Yep, true, no video games, no stabbings. Holy shit my mind exploded from the stupidity radiating from your AIDS of a comment.
AppleTY says2017-05-10T16:55:14.430
This yes section is cancer
Slashin says2017-12-01T16:34:48.703
Galagion is right, if you take video games away stabbings and wars will still happen today and in the future (Aka: do you have a disorder?) No? Can you check? Because this comment is looking a little auistic.
ImDebatable says2017-12-28T11:51:49.050
If you'd like, I can provide scientific proof.

"Long-term usage of video games does not alter the medial lateral orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), which is responsible for assessing thorny, ethically compromising situations."
markfaafafa says2018-02-14T04:15:36.023
You been charging f u c k i n g rockstar on making a game that 18+ number one it the parents falut if they stupid enough to let them play it and people just blame their probelms on other stuff just so that they get less s h i t for it
lolipoop says2020-02-07T06:49:40.027
Is there any scientific report that says that violent video games can influence kids?
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