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No, they are not real life.

  If violent video games were banned, my brother would not be happy. My brother likes violent games such as Call of Duty and Homefront and Grand Theft Auto. He plays Black Ops Zombies all the time on his XBOX. So I'm just saying don't ban violent video games. They're just video games, it's not real life.
Anonymous says2013-03-14T17:33:55.377
i would be so unhappy
Anonymous says2013-03-19T13:38:00.710
they help get out anger
shadowhunter07 says2014-02-09T12:54:17.510
They help get out anger with violence. And bowing your heads always to technological devices is like your messing out half the beauty of this world and even your worshiping other gods ex. Technological device that is also causes addiction which is called as idols. There are many ways to vent out your anger and that is not by violence or VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES. It's okay if it is VIDEO GAMES BUT VIOLENCE, goodness.. That is really not good to hear. Violent video games should be banned because from the word itself it means Dangerous- contributor factor: violence
it's like you're living in fantasy always and that is being a coward or even a poltroon well wake up since we are in reality. We need to face it. Find yourself and you'll sooner realize that you're more better than that just by getting out your anger by using video games. What you're doing isn't living. Certain ways to let anger go is just like playing sports.

*Someday you will realize sooner or later that video games cannot prolong your satisfaction. It's just that you are afraid to take the risks what's more beyond this world. This system of playing video games is a matter of keeping your system shut down. It's creating a person inside you which is something you are not and that's how this world controls.
That's all i can say.

*People were created to be love and things were created to be use. The reason the world is in chaos is because people were being used and things were being loved.
cosn013 says2014-07-08T01:34:25.997
Not all violent games should be considered that way. I just think military shooters should be banned. At least halo as a sense of pride and honour, not just shooting randoms.
julian.silver says2017-01-17T16:24:20.873
Lol tbh no one cares about your brother and him being angry but I wouldn't like if video games were gone too
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